Speak Out: Pandemic fears

Time will tell whether selective business closures and shelter in place orders by governors around the country will have been any more effective than pleas for voluntary actions requested in most states. More certain is the immediate impact on laid off employees, lost business income, and loss of freedom. There are steps we can take to minimize those negative impacts. In Delaware, Gov. Carney declared a State of Emergency, and Delaware Code states in part, “During an emergency or disaster, the governor may, subject to any applicable requirements for compensation, utilize any private, public, or quasi-public property if necessary to cope with the emergency or disaster” (Title 20, Chapter 31, Subchapter III, §3115, (b) (1)).  It is unclear how closing businesses is “using” private property in this context.  It is a stretch to find any legal basis for such an action.

• More reasons to take our rights away. Our federal government is the enemy.  This is not Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia where you are asked for your papers! – Andrew Walls

• I was born in Delaware, and I currently live and work in Lancaster County. About 11 days ago, we had 36 cases here, and one death. Now it’s over 400 cases and 11 deaths. When the governor asked us to close down non-essential business and then later to stay home, we thought ‘Why? it’s not that bad.’ What I have seen go on here the past few weeks makes me believe that it’s not fear-mongering, nor being overboard in restricting freedom. It’s just doing what’s right. At the rate things are going, Lancaster County will catch the entire state of Delaware. We have 900 hospital beds in the county, and this is the thing you want to keep from getting overwhelmed. People need to be calm and get through the next few weeks, then hopefully it’s going to be trending down. – Steven Depuy

• It is disheartening that many seem to have allowed the “conspiracy culture” to get in the way of understanding the bigger picture here. Most of us are not happy about this situation, but the reality of it is that in order to defeat this virus, we must take these drastic actions to slow the spread. The other reality here is that if we focus more on the economy, and we send everyone back out only for millions to be exposed and infected, we will most certainly face an even more devastating economic collapse. The U.S. faced a very similar situation in 1918 with the influenza pandemic. Our republic did not crumble into a fascist state or tyrannical dictatorship back then…. so why do we believe that it will happen now? – Brian P Slattery

• It already has. In my opinion life will never go back to normal. – Eric Porter

• Agreed that we will have to adjust to some “new normals” once this is over. However, do bear in mind that this country went through something very similar in 1918 and it seems that the Constitution didn’t get shredded back then (and they were doing many of the same things we’re trying to get people to do now). The measures we’re seeing are temporary and they will only last as long as we all do our parts to keep the virus from spreading.– Brian P Slattery

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