Speak Out: Reopening Delaware beaches

Gov. John Carney announced Thursday the state will allow beaches to reopen starting at 5 p.m. May 22. The state’s 14-day quarantine for out-of-state visitors and its ban on short-term housing rentals will continue, effectively prohibiting any non-resident who has not been in the state for at least two weeks from using the beaches.

• That’s hilarious. Are you going to card people as they come onto the beach? – Patricia Challis

• Put the checkpoints at/near the beaches. I have no desire to visit a Delaware beach and am 100% on board with limiting those to residents in order to limit crowds. Instead, there’s talk of checkpoints on roads leading into the state. – Phil Ticknor

• They strongly suggest wearing masks on the beach. They are required on the board walk. – Mark Schmalhofer

• I strongly suggest people realize how hard it is to breathe in the hot sun with your mouth covered and face sweating. – Kelly Russell

• I wonder how much money I can make as a mule driving people over state lines to visit our beaches? – Melanie Rawley

• Ocean City is open they will go there and so will a lot of people from Delaware. – Matty Cerillo

• Already have seen a lot of New York, PA, and New Jersey plates on Rt 1 past few days headed toward the beaches. And I do mean, a lot. – Cory Herlihy

• I don’t get this! Delaware tourism welcomes out-of-state visitors and now they’re treated crappy? – Sandy McDermott Lewis

• I think they’re just trying to prevent a side of coronavirus with your Grotto’s pizza and Fisher’s popcorn. Not exactly the type of welcome gift most people want. – Jess Mortillfem

• As a born and raised local, personally it’s not that we don’t want tourism, its just that the politicians and businesses don’t seem to know where to draw the line. It’s not enjoyable to fight traffic and pedestrians when we locals just want to grab a few groceries or make a trip to the hardware store. You can see it now, Route 1 from Lewes to Dover is starting to pop up hotels and gas stations. Where does it end? Our wildlife is suffering and being pushed away. We locals just want a happy medium. – Mike Wright

• I’m headed to Hatteras where they are welcoming visitors. I will not be quarantining when I return. – Dawn Lois

• “I see dead people.” – Michael Jones

• Can you imagine the insanity? We like that you pay taxes (property, school & local taxes) and bring tons of money into our economy, but please don’t come!– Janet Carey Smith

• I’m all for opening everything but why are they opening beaches, which are recreational, when we haven’t even opened some doctors offices and gyms, which helps those with their physical health. – Alicia Pritchett

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