Starter kits designed to help Kent County businesses get back to work

The Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Kent Economic Partnership and the Greater Kent Committee, recently distributed 100 “Getting Back to Business Starter Kits” to businesses in Kent County. (Submitted photo)

DOVER — The Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Kent Economic Partnership and the Greater Kent Committee, are ready to get Kent County businesses closed by the coronavirus pandemic back to work.

That is the primary reason they have created, and recently distributed, 100 “Getting Back to Business Starter Kits.”

The starter kits are designed to be given to small businesses (those with less than 20 employees) who did not have access to some of the supplies they would need to reopen to their customers following Gov. John Carney’s emergency orders that closed non-essential stores and businesses.

Each starter kit, valued at more than $350, contains masks, gloves, wipes, hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, and no-contact thermometers, as well as coupons and offers that could assist businesses during their restarts.

Each kit also contains a “Getting Back to Business” brochure, which outlines the various procedures and precautions that business owners need to consider prior to a relaunch. The kits were funded through donations by a variety of partners and supporters, including Kent County Levy Court, the city of Dover, Calpine, Chesapeake Utilities, First State Janitorial, Office Pride, Staples and W.B. Mason.

Business owners were eager to pick up their kits last week.

“I was super-duper excited to receive a kit and even more excited after I opened it,” said Nicole Ali, owner of Trini Quizeen. “The items in there will last me for several months and will be a tremendous help.”

Others who received the kits were excited as well.

“It was so awesome,” said Hoong Chow, of Keller Williams. “The items in the kit will help me to protect my clients and myself.”

As the business owners entered the drive-thru line, everyone’s identification was checked. The kits were then loaded into their trunks or back seats while they remained seated in the cars to ensure proper social distancing.

The idea for the starter kits was born out of the “Getting Back to Business Task Force.” Spearheaded by the CDCC, KEP, and GKC, it was comprised of business leaders across many industries and agencies.

The task force worked to find practical, hands-on ways to assist businesses in preparing for opening their doors and bringing the public back. To that end, they worked to develop, produce and distribute the “Getting Back to Business” brochure and the “Getting Back to Business” starter kits.

Laura Bordeau, from Auntie Anne’s, described the kit as a lifesaver.

“Auntie Anne’s has implemented a policy that requires everyone to sanitize and disinfect their workplace every 30 minutes,” Ms. Bordeau said. “We were unable to source sanitizers and masks. Thanks to the starter kits, we’ll be ready and able to open on June 1.”

For more information about the “Getting Back to Business” task force and its work, contact the CDCC at (302) 734-7513 or visit the CDCC’s new COVID-19 Resource page at

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