State announces record 754 new positive COVID-19 cases

DOVER — Delaware broke its record for new daily positive COVID-19 cases in Thursday’s report and the percent-positive rate is at the threshold which would close schools according to the state’s guidance.

The Delaware Division of Public Health reported 754 new positive cases of the virus, reflecting data as of Wednesday at 6 p.m. It is the first-time new cases have been over 700 and broke the state’s previous high of 685 which was set Monday.

The seven-day rolling average for percentage of positive tests rose by five-tenths of a percentage point compared to the previous day, up to 8%. The data for percentage of positive tests is as of Monday at 6p.m. due to a two-day lag to account for the time delay between the date of the test and the date that DPH receives the test result.

If that stays above the 8% mark for the rest of the week, it would push Delaware’s recommended guidance for the reopening of schools into the “red” phase which would mean schools buildings close and operate via remote learning only.

The school criteria is updated weekly every Monday. Two of the three criteria would need to be red for the state’s guidance to shift into red. Currently the new case rate per 100,000 people is the only one in red and has been for five weeks. Both percentage of positive tests and average daily hospitalizations per 100,000 are in yellow as of the week of Nov. 21 to Nov. 27.

For the most recent day of available data on Monday, the statewide percentage of positive tests were 9.4% with 635 positives out of 6,754 tests processed. The three most recent daily percent positive rates have been 9.4%, 10.4% and 9.4%.

The number of individuals in Delaware hospitals increased by four compared to the previous day’s data. It is now up to 277 – the highest it has been since May 12.

The DPH reported no new COVID-19 related deaths in Thursday’s report as that number remained at 779. The total number of positive cases in Delaware is now at 37,456.

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