State changing reporting for COVID-19 data, causing no update Sunday

DOVER — The Division of Public Health said Sunday it is changing the way it presents the daily coronavirus statistical updates. As a result, no new information on the COVID-19 case totals in Delaware was released Sunday.

Beginning Monday, DPH will now update its online coronavirus tracker and issue a news release between 12 and 1 p.m. instead of around 5 p.m. or later The numbers will reflect the most current information available as of the close of business the day before.

COVID-19 data for Delaware can be viewed publicly at

DPH said its epidemiologists spent the past week putting in place a new infectious disease surveillance system and no daily update was offered Sunday “to facilitate the team’s ability to make the final transition for implementing system enhancements.”

The change is intended to help validate case data and enable news reporters to meet deadlines easier.

The new system will allow the state to present new data, such as race of COVID-19 patients and age-adjusted incidence rate by ZIP code, the agency said.

As of the latest update Saturday, there were 2,538 cases and 67 deaths in Delaware. Two hundred forty-nine people were hospitalized, with 62 critically ill.

Delaware announced its first laboratory-confirmed case March 11.

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