State now at 2,745 COVID-19 cases and 72 deaths

DOVER — Delaware announced 207 more coronavirus cases and five additional deaths Monday, bringing the respective totals to 2,745 and 72.

According to the Division of Public Health, 256 people are hospitalized, with 64 critically ill, as of 6 p.m. Sunday. In all, 495 people have recovered.

Four of the most recent deaths involve long-term care residents: an 80-year-old woman from Sussex County, an 81-year-old woman from Kent County, a 93-year-old man from Sussex County and a 95-year-old woman from Sussex County. The fifth new death is a 62-year-old woman from Sussex County, the second Delawarean to die from COVID-19 without other known health problems.

The first coronavirus-related death of a person without underlying conditions was reported Friday.

Forty-one of the deaths have involved residents of long-term care facilities, with 167 such cases in total.

According to DPH, that includes 14 deaths at Genesis Healthcare’s Milford Center, 11 at Little Sisters of the Poor, five at Brandywine Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, two at Atlantic Shores Rehabilitation and Health Center, two at Delaware Hospital for the Chronically Ill and one at Governor Bacon Health Center.

Additionally, DPH said five facilities in New Castle and two in Sussex have had one death each, although it is only naming centers with multiple deaths. Governor Bacon appears to be an exception because it is run by the state.

Delaware announced its first laboratory-confirmed case March 11.

As of April 12, there were 1,625 occurrences and 35 deaths, with 673 cases and 14 deaths one week prior to that.

Of the 2,745 COVID-19 cases, a total that includes current and former ones, there are 1,229 involving New Castle Countians, 1,055 involving Sussex Countians, 430 involving Kent Countians and 31 involving people whose residence is unknown. There have been 43 deaths in New Castle County, nine in Kent County and 30 in Sussex County.

Nearly all of the announced increase Monday comes from Sussex, which has about 24 percent of the state’s population but 38 percent of the cases so far.

Whereas previously the state released case data every evening, it is now doing so around noon, meaning the totals will effectively be lagging behind.

However, DPH said the change will enable the state to provide additional information, including race of COVID-19 patients and age-adjusted incidence rates by ZIP code, and will lighten the burden on its staff and the media. That new data will be available over the next week, according to the agency.

Those who have had confirmed cases range in age from 0 to 103, with deaths involving people from ages 33 to 96, according to DPH. The vast majority of deaths have involved the elderly: About 86 percent of the Delawareans who died were at least age 60, with 51 percent being 80 or older.

In all, 1,243 cases have involved males, 1,494 have involved females and eight have involved a person of unknown gender. Forty-one of the people who died, or about 57 percent, were women.

Based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, DPH is now counting deaths of not just individuals with laboratory-confirmed coronavirus cases but also Delawareans who had symptoms consistent with COVID-19 and were exposed to a confirmed case but never tested.

Because of volume, the hospitalization and critically ill numbers now include non-Delawareans, although all other totals are just Delaware residents, according to DPH.

As per usual, the division did not release additional details about the cases, citing health privacy laws.

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