State reports 2 more COVID deaths, 379 new cases

DOVER — Delaware saw 379 new coronavirus cases in its latest update, one of the highest daily increases over the past eight months.

The state’s COVID total now stands at 28,395, according to the Division of Public Health. There have been 736 deaths, two of which were new in Saturday’s update.

One hundred thirty-two people are hospitalized, with 23 critically ill. The number of hospitalizations is still a fraction of the high point (337 on April 27), but it has been on the uptick for the past three months.

The seven-day average for percentage of positive tests is 5.1.

There have been 61 deaths and 5,886 cases over the past month.

DPH said Friday Delawareans should avoid socializing with anyone outside their households unless they are both socially distanced and outside. That includes holiday meals.

“What we can see in our data is that social gatherings, whether at a house party, casual dinner, or restaurant, where people take off their masks while they eat, drink and chat, are the primary situations in which COVID-19 is being spread,” DPH Director Karyl Rattay said in a statement. “It is just not safe right now to socially eat, drink, casually hang out or party with people outside of our household unless we are socially distanced and outside.”

Just 5% of deaths have involved individuals younger than 50, including no one under age 18. Those who are 65 and older make up 83% of deaths but 15% of cases.

Forty-one percent of cases and 66% of deaths involve White residents of the state, while 25% of cases and deaths involve Black Delawareans. Hispanic and Latino Delawareans make up 21% of cases but only 7% of deaths.

In total, 377,364 Delawareans have been tested.

Deaths break down by county thusly: 366 in New Castle, 122 in Kent and 248 in Sussex.

In all, 14,727 people have recovered.

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