State reports seven more COVID-19 deaths

DOVER – Seven more deaths were reported in the Delaware Division of Public Health’s daily COVID-19 update Sunday, upping the state’s total to 770 since March.11.

The number of critically ill patients rose by two to 31, while hospitalizations went from 202 to 211. An additional 581 cases were reported, and 197 more recoveries were announced.

Of the 770 deaths, 443 were residents of long-term care facilities.

From Nov. 22 to Saturday, the total number of cases who reported participating in an event or visiting a venue in the two weeks prior to the onset of their symptoms (or if no symptoms, date of their test) was 338, which was 25% of interviewed cases, according to the DPH.

There were1,030 interviewed cases did not report participating in an event or visiting a venue, according to the latest report.

The top categories for positive cases who visited venues included restaurants (98), religious services (41, which included choir or singing practice), gym (27), other tourist attraction (25), beach (21) and house party.

There have been 387,133 persons who have tested negative in Delaware, according to the DPH.

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