Tourists not welcome at beach, boardwalk

REHOBOTH BEACH – Police made eight arrests for beach and boardwalk closure violations in an ongoing enforcement campaign to uphold the state of emergency declaration in Delaware.

In addition, Rehoboth Beach Police have been closely monitoring out-of-state travelers regarding the 14-day self-quarantine mandate, according to spokesman Lt. Jaime Riddle in a news release.

From April 3 through Monday, police said 28 persons were found in violation of the self-quarantine order. Officers contacted 66 motorists, 84 persons on the boardwalk and 19 on the beach overall.

The arrests stemmed from “blatant non-compliance” of the beach and boardwalk closures, Lt. Riddle said.

“In all cases, the offenders drove into the city past the large electronic signs located at each entrance which clearly state that the beach and boardwalk are closed to all activities to include exercising and dog walking,” according to the news release.

The offenders were males and females from Delaware, Virginia and Washington, D.C., ranging in age from 26 to 53. Seven were issued a disorderly conduct criminal summons and another was cited for disrobing in public as he urinated on the boardwalk, police said.

Police said in the news release that officers “will continue to be vigilant in monitoring citizens and visitors to our city. In cases of blatant disregard, we will enforce compliance.

“As always, we appreciate the efforts of our dedicated employees and all those like them that risk their own safety and the safety of their loved ones to protect our community. We continue to express our gratitude to anyone doing their part to end this pandemic and our appreciation to our community for their understanding during this time of concern and change.

“We remain steadfast in knowing that this is only temporary.”

Situated on the Delaware-Maryland state line, Delmar Police Chief Ivan Barkley said there have been no issues with travel restrictions in his jurisdiction.

During a three-day span in early April, Millsboro Police said 76 written warnings were issued to out-of-state visitors shopping.

Since then, spokesman Sgt. David Moyer said, “It seems that the education efforts have been successful and everyone is in compliance. We monitor the situation daily to make sure there are not issues.”

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