Two Delaware branches are missing and one is unconstitutional

An open letter to the General Assembly and Judiciary of Delaware:

Where has our state government gone?

The executive branch has shut down the two remaining constitutionally mandated legislative and judicial branches. Our governor, his lordship, is unchallenged in his authority.

The governor has no constitutional authority and no legal control of the legislative and judicial branches, unless tacitly permitted by those branches. That is currently the case.

Where is the courage and leadership of the legislative and judicial branches? You represent the people. You cannot fulfill those duties and responsibilities when you remain silent, inactive and acquiescent to the actions of the executive branch.

Wherein, constitutionally required governmental balance is currently eliminated. Checks and balances are absent. We suffer with the ongoing malfeasance of a “happy, congenial, friendly and inept governor” who acts upon that which is popular and the least controversial. This practice further continues through the long-standing and abhorrent practice of “Inherited Elective Office” successors. Understudies groomed in “best practices of malfeasance” are placed in the elective queue to continue the tradition. The lieutenant governor is the next to be so anointed when the governorship is again “contested.”

Though it is likely beyond the point of being salvageable, try doing something not laden with special interests and pork barrel spending. Represent the people of Delaware before it is economically and physically impossible to preserve what remains of our state.

The voters are getting a first-hand, up-close view of the few strengths and many weaknesses of our pathetic Delaware system of government. It will show at the ballot box.

Edward F. Martin, III

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