Two more deaths in Delaware attributed to coronavirus

DOVER — While the state’s COVID-19 positive rate continues to improve, Delaware Division of Public Health announced two new COVID-19-related deaths on Monday, pushing the state’s total to 656.

Of the two most recent deaths, one was from Kent County and the other was from New Castle County. One was 64 years old while the other was 99 years old.

The DPH reported both individuals had underlying health conditions and one was a resident of a long-term care facility. Long-term care centers have made up 386 of Delaware’s 656 COVID-19-related deaths (58.8%).

Delaware’s seven-day rolling average for persons testing positive remained on a downward trend as the state is now also presenting percentage of tests which are positive.

The seven-day rolling average for percentage of positive persons is at 5.5% and has dropped six days in a row. The seven-day rolling average for percentage of positive tests is at 2.6%.

Percent of persons testing positive “indicate one result reported for each individual tested (positive or negative), even if that person is tested more than once with the same result,” according to the DPH. As a result, it often reflects higher positivity rates.

Percent of tests that are positive meanwhile, “indicates the total number of specimens tested, including when an individual is tested more than once, and reflects higher reported test numbers and lower positivity rates,” the DPH said.

Positive test percentage is used by Johns Hopkins Medicine and is recommended by the Center for Disease Control. The DPH said it “is also more widely used by other states and the federal government, and is therefore useful to compare Delaware to other jurisdictions.”

The DPH will include both measurements on its My Healthy Community data dashboard moving forward, saying:

“Because of the increasing frequency of repeat testing, using person-based percent positives could be misleading on a daily basis. Therefore, using the percent of tests that are positive is a more useful measure to make operational decisions. Data for percent of tests that are positive are based on the testing date, while data for persons testing positive is based on the date results are reported to DPH. There is a two-day lag for presenting data related to percent of tests that are positive to account for the time delay between the date of the test and the date that DPH receives the test result.”

The DPH reported 158 new positive COVID-19 cases on Monday while 3,552 people who tested negative, showing strong testing numbers with a total of 3,710 tests reported Monday, contributing to the lower positivity rates.

Delaware so far has recorded 22,289 positive cases of the virus and 291,992 negative cases.

COVID-19 hospitalizations stayed above the 100-mark but dropped by three compared to the day prior, down to 105. Of those currently hospitalized, 25 are considered critical, according to the DPH.

All numbers via the DPH are as of 6 p.m. Sunday.

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