Wesley offers Easter food baskets to Bayhealth employees

Working with food service provider Aramark, Wesley College donated Easter baskets to Bayhealth employees for the holiday. Submitted photo

DOVER — To express thanks, in food service, is to do what they do best: give food, noted John Sullivan, director of food service at Wesley College.

As a thank you to health care workers over the holiday, the Aramark food service staff at the downtown Dover-based college prepared Easter baskets for Bayhealth employees.

“Especially this Easter weekend, you’re not going to be able to really go out and get something nice for yourself or for your family,” he said. “It’s just a small gesture to say thank you and we appreciate all the dedication and the selflessness that they’re showing each and every day by going to work and making a difference in our community.”

With only 22 students remaining on campus since education went remote in March, Wesley President Bob Clark said that they asked Aramark — the college’s food service company — to extend their service beyond those still at the college.

Mr. Sullivan is no stranger to the work health care providers do: two of his sisters work in health care, his wife works at Bayhealth and his daughter is in the nursing program at Wesley.

“I know the sacrifice they’re putting in,” he said. “It was a no brainer to do something for them.”

The Easter baskets include granola bars and sweets.

“We tried to make it festive and just give them something they can just grab and go throughout their day,” Mr. Sullivan added.

Lindsay Rhodenbaugh, president of the Bayhealth Foundation, said that they arranged a pick up for about 30 baskets to distribute to Bayhealth campus in Dover. He said they’d be giving out the treats over the Easter weekend.

“It’s just tremendous and heartening in a very difficult time, especially for those who are on the frontline of health care,” he said. “Bayhealth is the largest health system in Kent and Sussex counties. We have the largest number of employees, the most patients between our two hospitals in Dover and Milford. So we, as we’re equipped to do, are at the forefront of this crisis and dealing with COVID-19 in ways that non-health care related institutions are not. Everybody in the community, though, is pulling together.”

The college also donated cleaning supplies, including Clorox and bleach products, to Bayhealth, said Tom Idnurm, director of facility management.

“We’re helping everyone that helped us along the years,” he said. “It’s people helping people, neighbor helping neighbor. No difference than someone has a storm and you’re helping your neighbor that had a problem with their home. Same thing.”

President Clark agreed.

“You talk to any of the other colleges or universities around here, they’re all doing the same thing,” he said. “Because at the end of the day, it truly is one team, one family and one future.”

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