Biggs Museum to reopen on Friday after COVID-related closure

DOVER – The Biggs Museum of American Art will reopen to the public on Friday morning after being forced to close briefly due to a potential COVID-19 exposure.

Late Wednesday night, Biggs officials were able to clarify the potential exposure with a COVID Emergency Epidemiologist from the Division of Public Health. After reviewing the case it was determined through contact tracing that the museum could safely reopen with no threat to the public.

The Biggs Museum planned an intensive cleaning before reopening on Friday morning and resuming its programs as previously scheduled.

“At the end of the day, our goal is to serve the community and preserve the safest possible environment,” Biggs Museum staff said in a statement. “With the additional information that we received we are confident that we are able to do so. We apologize if we gave anyone a scare from this false alarm.

“However, we care about those who come to the Biggs beyond their time spent in the museum. Ultimately, if there is any uncertainty, we can sleep better having taken an unneeded precaution over an unneeded risk.”

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