Caesar Rodney grad Patterson makes surprise splash on ‘Mad Men’

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story reveals a major plot point from Sunday night’s episode of “Mad Men.”

If you watched Sunday night’s episode of the AMC drama “Mad Men” and thought you may have seen a familiar face, your eyes may not have deceived you.

Marcy Patterson, a 34-year-old Camden native and Caesar Rodney High School graduate, was briefly featured when she jumped out of a makeshift cake during a scene that took place in an American Legion hall in Oklahoma. She was later seen again in the background slow dancing with one of the drunken members.

For Ms. Patterson, who was a co-producer on the show which wraps up its seven-season run Sunday night, it was a dream come true. But not for the reasons you might think.

Camden native and Caesar Rodney High graduate Marcy Patterson, a co-producer on the hit drama "Mad Men," jumps from a cake during a scene from Sunday's episode. (Submitted photo)

Camden native and Caesar Rodney High graduate Marcy Patterson, a co-producer on the hit drama “Mad Men,” jumps from a cake during a scene from Sunday’s episode. (Submitted photo/Justina Mintz)

“For some strange reason I’ve always wanted to jump out of a cake,” she said Monday night after a day of hearing from about 150 friends and family members from Delaware and beyond who spotted her on the show.

“From the first season, I’ve been bugging (executive producer and creator) Matt (Weiner) saying ‘If you ever have a scene where you need someone to jump out of a cake, please find a way to put me in it. And of course the years passed and nothing like that ever came up. Finally, he came to me and said ‘This is your chance.’ He wrote it in especially for me.

“In anything I’ve ever worked on, I’ve never wanted to be an extra. I was never the person who wanted to find a place on camera. I just thought this sounded super fun and it really was.”

She filmed the scene in mid-June and was not allowed to tell anyone of her appearance on the show.

“I did break the rules and tell my fiance (Nick Shah) and swore him to secrecy,” she said. “That was tough. I didn’t even want to tell people to make sure they watched that particular episode.”

As soon as the scene aired, the messages came pouring in.

“I was waiting and watching my phone. I honestly didn’t know if anyone would recognize me. My first text was from Bryan Batt, who played Salvatore Romano on the show. He asked ‘Was that you?’ My hair was so different and the whole character was just so goofy, completely different from me.” she said.

A few national websites had already mentioned her by Monday afternoon, calling her “the cake girl.”

She said it helped take some of the sting out of filming one of the last episodes of the series.

“It felt great. All of the actors were so excited for me. They all knew I wanted to do this silly thing for so long,” she said.

Although the experience was great, it came with a bittersweet ending as the episode itself brought the news of a terminal lung cancer diagnosis for one of the main characters, Betty Draper Francis, played by January Jones.

“It was a really sad episode. I spent about 15 or 20 minutes after the episode crying. I was happy for me but sad for her character. I had definite mixed emotions,” Ms. Patterson said.

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