Community Fair set for Saturday in Dover

DOVER — Residents can expect a full day of fun during the second annual Community Fair on Saturday.

The event, sponsored by the National Council on Agricultural Life and Labor and the Cendel Foundation, will be held from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Kirkwood Street.

“I’m excited,” said Tenish Gregory, executive assistant to the CenDel president. “We wanted to broaden our reach and give the residents some sort of resources that they normally wouldn’t have.


“There will be different health screenings for residents, too. We want to also encourage unity amongst the community.”

There will be countless activities for children, music and food, which will include entertainment by DJ Cool “C” Zumba with Davera Burgess and the Sankofa African Dancers.

“It’s a great event,” said Joe Myer, executive director at NCALL. “It’s right in the heart of the city and it’s great opportunity for people to come out and enjoy themselves.

“We have about 18 vendors and people from the committee has been willing to help us as well.”

Ms. Gregory said the idea for the event came from the positive response from residents when CenDel and NCALL held an open house last year, which allowed residents to identify strengths to build on and to find ways to address areas in need of improvement in central Dover.

“So many different people came out,” Ms. Gregory said. “It made us want to hold these types of events every year. We decided to hold the event on different streets in downtown Dover each year.

“Last year it was at New Street. Some people forget about these places downtown. The people in the community are very appreciative of us holding these types of events in their community.”

L. Amillion Mayfield of Dover, known professionally as Amillion the Poet is honored to perform at the fair for the first time.

L. Amillion Mayfield

L. Amillion Mayfield

“I’m excited there’s a community event like this in light of everything that’s been going on lately,” Mr. Mayfield said. “With the events that happened in Baltimore and the string of violent acts that’s been happening in the community, we’re in need of it.”

“It’s also great that they’re holding the fair in the heart of the city,”Mr. Mayfield added. “Some of the residents may feel as though their community is forgotten about and when you get them involved it gives them a better vibe. The best way is to speak to them and not at them.”

Mr. Mayfield expects the event to have a great turnout.

“I hope to see everyone out there,” Mr. Mayfield said. “I just don’t want to see the youth out there, or older people out there. I want see everyone.”


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