Dover Parks & Rec to share five project designs virtually

DOVER — Improvements are coming to Schutte Park and Dover Park in the form of five projects that will eventually bring added activities to the facilities, including a highly anticipated skate park.

Robin Eaton, the director of Dover’s Parks & Recreation Department, and his staff are eager to show the designs they came up with after receiving community input from surveys conducted in October.

People can get a look at plans for a skate park and dog park that are planned to be built at Schutte Park in a virtual meeting at 6:30 Tuesday night. They can also get a sneak preview for plans for a spray park, a recreation building and an all-inclusive playground to be built at Dover Park in another meeting that will be held virtually Thursday night at 6:30.

“The virtual meetings will actually entail the designs and layouts for the five park projects — three of them being in Dover Park, which is the building, the spray pad and the accessible playground,” Mr. Eaton said. “We’ll show images that will show how (the additions will be) laid out in the park, and we’ll show the footprint and floor plan of the building. The spray pad will show the apparatus that we’re hoping to use in it, as well as the playground. It will show the equipment that will be installed.

“Over at Schutte Park, we’ll show the dog park and the skate park and an approximation of where they will be in the park and kind of the area they will take up and what they will look like.”

Mr. Eaton added: “These are all designed off community input. We did surveys back in October, and then, we took that information from those surveys and designed about two options for each (project), and then in-house, we chose the one we wanted to invest in the project and the money.”

The virtual meetings will allow members of the community to see the city’s plans and share their final feedback. The virtual setting means people will be able to see the plans while staying safe from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Mr. Eaton said that of all the projects on their way, the skate park at Schutte Park has far and away been the most popular one.

“In the initial survey for the skate park, I think we had 131 participants online with us, and that was huge,” he said. “When we had a similar survey for the Dover Park projects, we had about 30 (participants). The skate park is a project that we’ve had a lot of input on from citizens and a lot of interest in.”

Mr. Eaton said the city is seeking to break ground on the projects in fall 2021 or spring 2022, after the pandemic hopefully subsides. He added that the dog park at Schutte will probably be the first of the projects to be completed, since a lot of its construction can be done in-house.

“We’re hoping we can put out RFPs (requests for proposals) in the spring (of 2021),” said Mr. Eaton. “Obviously, a lot of it has to do with funding, and we do have some funding through grants from the state and obviously our own earmarked funding, as well.

“We are in the process of reaching out and trying to acquire other grants and funding from organizations to assist us with these projects. There might even be some corporate sponsorship for some of these projects.”

To attend the virtual meeting regarding the skate park at Schutte Park on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m., visit and register at

To attend the virtual meeting about the proposals at Dover Park on Thursday at 6:30 p.m., visit and register at