Firefly notebook: Plenty of food options at festival

DOVER — To match its eclectic mix of entertainment options, the Firefly Music Festival sought to bring every food options of all persuasions to The Woodland for their four-day event. Fans could have a regular old cheese burger if they wanted, but they could also have everything from an alligator po’boy to a roasted cauliflower and black bean salad.

In advance of the event, Red Frog Events noted that they’d be trying to bring a variety of food options that “provide a well-rounded experience.” Patrons were told that they could expect healthier options, including vegan, gluten free and vegetarian choices.

The music festival had almost 50 individual food vendors and food trucks posted up at various spots throughout The Woodlands. Some specialty options were in the cordoned off VIP areas.

Carl Kavanaugh and his girlfriend, Britney Whelan grabbed a seat near The Fort in the Lawn Stage portion of The Woodlands both selecting two very different food options on Sunday. Mr. Kavanaugh settled on an order of florida fries from a food truck called The Butt Hutt. The mounded fries were covered with cheese, onions, peppers, pork and garlic sauce. Ms. Whelan opted for fried avocado tacos from Nameless Taco.

“This year they have a lot of lighter foods which is nice because it is really hot out here,” said Ms. Whelan. “I have no idea why Carl is eating a ton of cheese and meat in the blazing sun and 90 degree weather, but that’s his problem.”

FireFlyThur14-MCleryThe girls of Bohofaux, from left, Erin Keer, Caitlin Gillette, Erin Moore, Michelle Aguilar, Dasha Torkhova, and Maddy Muhersteff create braids and glitter art for VIP guests at Firefly in Dover. Delaware State News/Marc Clery

Braids and glitter body art at Firefly

In the VIP area of the Lawn Stage at Firefly a tent set up by Boho Faux was giving festival attendees braided dos and glitter face art all four days of the event.

The service bills itself as style for “bohemian free spirits,” which certainly aren’t in short supply at the music festival.

Vanessa Slater of Ontario who’d had her hair braided on Sunday afternoon and glitter applied said the tight braids are a good way to keep the hair out of her face.

“Most of the festival I just had my hair in a pony tail, but when it got really hot I just wanted to have it in braids,” she said. “I thought I might run into an issue with the glitter sweating off, but it actually stays in place pretty well.”

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