Gin Blossoms to play Harrington’s Exhibit Hall

Gin Blossoms, know for such hits as "Hey Jealousy," "Allison Road" and "Until I Fall Away" hit Harrington Casino's Exhibit Hall stage Nov. 14. (Submitted photo)

Gin Blossoms, known for such hits as “Hey Jealousy,” “Allison Road” and “Until I Fall Away” hit Harrington Casino’s Exhibit Hall stage Nov. 14. (Submitted photo)

HARRINGTON – Harrington Raceway and Casino will welcome the rock group Gin Blossoms to Exhibit Hall on Saturday, Nov. 14 as part of its On Stage – Harrington series lineup.

Known for their musicality, introspective lyricism and melodies, Gin Blossoms made their mark with such hits as “Hey Jealousy,” “Until I Fall Away,” “Follow You Down,” “Till I Hear It From You,” and the Grammy-nominated hit “As Long As It Matters.”

Formed in 1987 in Tempe, Arizona, Gin Blossoms released their self-recorded debut EP “Up and Crumbling” which would take them into the recording studio where hits such as “Until I Fall Away,” “Allison Road,” “Hey Jealousy,” and “Found Out About You” were recorded on the album titled “New Miserable Experience”  in 1992.

After a brief hiatus in 2000 due to internal problems and some of the members yearning for solo careers, they would eventually regroup in 2001 back in their hometown of Tempe, Arizona.

Other albums followed such as “Congratulations I’m Sorry” (1996), “Major Lodge Victory” (2006) and “No Chocolate Cake” (2010).

They are currently led by original members Bill Leen, Jesse Valenzuela, Robin Wilson and Scott “Scotty” Johnson with later member Scott Hessel.

Tickets are $39 and can be purchased online at, by calling 888-887-5687, Ext. 5246 or stop by the Casino Gift Shop.  All ages are welcome.

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