Kent Theatre Guild presents high-flying comedy ‘Boeing, Boeing’

The comedy “Boeing, Boeing” premieres Friday at the Kent County Theatre Guild in Dover. From left are Ray Failing as Berthe, Maureen VanOrmand as Gloria, John Moller as Robert, John Muller as Bernard, Cat Timko as Gretchen and Laini Bernard as Gabriella. (Delaware State News/Marc Clery)

DOVER — The complicated yet humorous love story of a man and three fiancées takes the stage in Dover starting tonight in “Boeing, Boeing,” presented by the Kent County Theatre Guild.

The character of Bernard plays the puppeteer in his love triangle, or square, by rotating his fiancées, all of whom are flight attendants, in and out like clockwork, making sure one never finds out about the other.

Set in 1960s Paris, Bernard has one fiancée from New York, another from Germany and the other, Italy. With the surprise visit of his friend Robert, Bernard is able to easily explain his ways of keeping the women from finding out about one another.

But a wrench is thrown into Bernard’s perfect equation with the release of a new, speedy Boeing jet, which means quicker layovers for the women and more time at home with Bernard.

“The story reminds me a lot of what you’d see on a 1970s sitcom,” said John Muller, portraying the lead role.

“It’s very chaotic and extremely funny.”

In “Boeing, Boeing,” three stewardesses are unknowingly engaged to the same man. Playing them are, from left, Laini Bernard as Gabriella, Cat Timko as Gretchen and Maureen VanOrmand as Gloria.

Mr. Muller, a Theatre Guild veteran, has acted in every genre and said that the comedic sense of this show has made it one of his favorites.

“Boeing Boeing” has been a bucket list show since he first saw it several years ago.

“it’s so funny to see, but you just don’t get the humor when you’re reading the script,” said director Nancy Muller. This is the eighth show she’s directed since beginning in 2014.

“It actually got rejected the first time I suggested it. But I had seen it and it’s so much fun to see on stage and I knew it was something the cast would love and the audience would definitely enjoy.”

The cast features only six members, three of whom are Bernard’s fiancées, another, his all-knowing housekeeper, and lastly Robert who remains very skeptical of Bernard’s methods to keep the women apart.

“Firstly I love comedies so I was immediately interested in this, but after seeing how intelligently it’s written and how much fun it is, I love it,” said Maureen VanOrman, who plays one of the fiancees, Gloria.

Ms. VanOrman has been with the Theatre Guild for about five years and this is the first non-musical in which she’s performed.

“I’ve always been musically inclined and for me, lyrics are easier to remember than lines so there are some challenges with this but the non-stop chaos and humor makes it a lot easier,” she said.

John Moller, as the lead character’s friend Robert, talks to flight attendant Gretchen, played by Cat Timko, in the Kent County Theatre Guild’s production of the comedy “Boeing, Boeing.”

Her character will turn out to be one of Bernard’s biggest obstacles in keeping his lies straight because being from New York, she’s very no-nonsense and isn’t one to let anyone get the best of her.

The cast is rounded out by John Moller as Robert; Ray Failing as Berthe; Laini Bernard as Gabriella; and Cat Timko as Gretchen.

“Boeing Boeing” takes the stage at the Patchwork Playhouse at 140 Roosevelt Ave. in Dover Friday and Saturday and Oct. 4 and 5 at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m.

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