‘Pours’ on display at Mezzanine Gallery

WILMINGTON — “Pours: Feelings of an Almost Human Nature,” an exhibition of works on paper by Kim Klabe, will be on view in the Mezzanine Gallery through Jan, 8, 2021. An online gallery is now available online at https://www.flickr.com/photos/delaware_division_of_the_arts/albums/72157716817754768.
After years of painting traditional representational scenes in acrylic and watercolor, Ms. Klabe turned to beer and wine to create spontaneous artwork she calls “pours.” The artist pours wine or dark beer onto thick watercolor paper and manipulates the paper to move the liquid. After the liquid dries, Klabe finds shapes in the dried stain like one might identify shapes in the clouds. She then defines those shapes and completes the images with markers and colored pencil. This technique leads to images that invite viewers to look closer, reflect, and often laugh.
This show features “pours” that are inspired by music that has meant something to Ms. Klabe over the years.
Mezzanine Gallery is at 820 N. French St., Second floor, Wilmington.