Springtime Jamboree set for this weekend

DAGSBORO — A sign of spring, the annual Springtime Jamboree, takes center stage at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday at Indian River High School.

Hope, expectation and the mission have not changed over the past three and a half decades, says State Sen. Gerald Hocker Sr., who launched the jamboree as a parent and business owner.

“Can you believe that, 36 years? I was very young when I started that,” said Sen. Hocker.

“I started it for the Lower Sussex Little League. My oldest son was playing ball and they needed money desperately. And I’ve

State Sen. Gerald Hocker started the Springtime Jamboree 34 years ago in efforts to support the community. The benefit event showcases country, western and gospel musical and comedic talent.

done it several years for them. We’ve done it for a lot of nonprofits. A lot of organizations have benefited by this show. And the reason why they have benefited is because the community has always supported it.”

This year’s proceeds support the Millville Volunteer Fire Company.

The jamboree showcases local and national acts in a blend of comedy and country, western and gospel music.

Performers include Sen. Hocker, Jamie Parker, Floyd Megee Jr., Jimmy Holson, Gerry Hocker, Lily Border, Charlie Lynch, Linda Magarelli, Trent Hitchens, Reggie Helms, Nikki Ireland, The Jamboree Boys, Monte Wisbrock, Tyler Bare, Danita Robinson, Gregory Hocker, Grace Otley, Bill Ulmer, Cheryl Howard, Billy Curry and George Jenkins.

Ron Howard will provide pre-show entertainment with comedy routines by John Stephens; Scott Evans; and music by the band, Eleventh Hour.

George Keen is the master of ceremonies.

Fundraising banks heavily on advertising support for the official Springtime Jamboree book. Beneficiaries actively participate in advertisement solicitation.

Last year’s jamboree benefited the River Soccer Club. It was hailed a huge success.

“The River Soccer Club did a great job and did a great book. And I understand that the ad book this year is every bit as good or maybe even a little better. And that’s where the profit is,” said Sen. Hocker.

“And the community has always supported it for the past 36 years, and that is why we are able to continue doing it.”

The list of previous beneficiaries includes Pop Warner, River Soccer Club, Little League programs, volunteer fire companies, Delaware Hospice and Lions International organizations, and others.

Now 70 as of early January, Sen. Hocker is ready to join his sons Gerry and Greg in the show.

“I’ll be back on stage. I keep saying that I’m going to turn it over to the boys,” Sen. Hocker said. “I told the community on stage year one that as long as the community will support it and as long I was able I would do it, we would. So, we’re still doing it.”

Tickets, at $15 each, can be purchased at the door the nights of the show.

“Hopefully, we’ll have a good show and a good turnout,” said Sen. Hocker.

Indian River High School is on Armory Road in Dagsboro.

Sussex County Post News Editor Glenn Rolfe can be reached at grolfe@newszap.com.

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