Young Felton photographer snaps up Delaware State Fair prizes

FELTON — At age 2, Weston Williams was photographed sitting on a stuffed horse and holding a camera.

“We hope your holidays are picture perfect,” his family Christmas card read.

So it’s not surprising that the Felton 10-year-old has enjoyed taking pictures “ever since I can remember.”

Standing under 5 feet tall and weighing about 60 pounds, Weston has a vantage point that older photographers can’t duplicate. That works in concert with natural instincts on what makes a good camera shot.

“I think he has a good eye to begin with,” his mom Karen said.

“He has a unique perspective of the way he views things and looks at them from a different height. Weston sees what I can’t see and comes up with different angles that work and would never occur to me.”

Indeed, a crooked photo looking up at the Eiffel Tower works well when Weston frames it just so.

Catching a precise moment at The Palace of Fontainebleau in Paris, with bright white clouds lingering overhead, along with puffy gray ones and a beautiful blue sky mixed in, Weston found another favorite vantage point. The water in front of the palace rippled with its reflection in the same shot.

Weston uses his mom’s Nikon D3200 camera to photograph his world view, along with a Bloggie Camera and Sony video and digital device.

At age 5, he entered a photo at the Delaware State Fair as a Cloverbud with the Harrington Sunshine 4-H. One year later came second- and third-place showings in the 6-year-old open class.

Annual state fair competition has continued, and Weston earned five blue ribbons and a red and yellow in the 6- to 9-year-old open class last year. He entered 15 categories in the 4-H competition, garnering 13 blue ribbons and two reds, earning a little over $600.

He plans to enter more works during his year’s state fair, which opens Thursday and lasts through Aug. 1 in Harrington.

Weston has spent part of his winnings on a video game — “probably a Mario”, he said — and saved the rest for future goals. His most recent dream is being an architect after a long stretch of engineering aspirations. For now, he will enter fifth grade at Lake Forest Central Elementary School this fall.

Both those professions will suit his penchant for a three-dimensional look at landscape that he loves the most. Weston isn’t much on photographing people yet, though his Cannon shot in the summer of 2011 at Virginia’s Colonial Williamsburg captured an array of human elements among the smoke and fire with jarring timeliness.

Some of Weston’s prowess behind the lens must be inherent — dad Brett is an accomplished photographer in his own right and mom Karen earned an art minor degree in photography while attending the University of Delaware.

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