2nd District Dover City Council candidates Q&A


James Galvin Jr.

Education: BS Environmental Studies, SUNY/ESF; 2010 Leadership Central Delaware graduate
Family: Two sons, James III and Stephen
Years living in Dover: More than 13 years
Affiliations: Principal Planner, Dover/Kent MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization); Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce (Transportation Committee); Dover Tax Appeal Committee; Dover Development Advisory Committee
Have you ever been publicly elected to office? No
Best way constituents can contact you if you are elected? Phone, 302-678-9306 or email JGalvinjr1@verizon.net

Q: Why are you running (or running again) for this office?
Residents of Dover’s 2nd District, along with the whole city of Dover deserve a council that is going to work for its residents and visitors. We all need a thoughtful, informed council to lead the city into its next era. The council needs to legislate in a way to create a future that benefits all residents. Secondly, every president in my lifetime encouraged citizens to participate in the legislative process. From President Kennedy’s inaugural address to President Obama’s farewell, all have advocated public service. I wish to offer my services to the city I have chosen as my home.

Q: In your campaign thus far, what seems to be the most pressing concerns to the constituents of your district?
The people I’ve talked to are concerned about two things: increased safety concerns and the dysfunction of council. There have been enough incidents in the whole of the 2nd District to make residents double check their car door locks and their house door locks. The folks that expressed the concerns want to see the police presence in their neighborhood that they don’t see now. I’ve been surprised at the number of residents that have commented on the dysfunction of the current council. They are concerned about the time it is taking to appoint a police chief, many have spoken of unrealized promises by council and they are concerned that the council has reached a stalemate while they are still seeking assistance to maintain their neighborhood.

Q: What important skills from your background will you bring to Dover City Council?
I have spent my professional career in the service of local governments. I have observed first-hand the operation of a strong mayor form of local government and a council/ manager form of administration. I have served Dover as the city planner. I have served Dover as a member of the staff of the Dover/Kent County Metropolitan Planning Organization. I graduated from the year-long Leadership Central Delaware program offered by the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce. It is time to bring those experiences to bear as a legislator for my home city.

Q: What are the personal or professional accomplishments of which you are most proud?
I have two professional accomplishments that I feel represent the best opportunities for Dover’s future. While working for the city I participated on a team that developed a shared vision for the properties of Eden Hill Farm. The ultimate development of the property could not be facilitated using the existing zoning ordinance so I worked with city council to develop an addition to the city code to implement shared vision.

Early in my tenure with the Dover/Kent County and MPO, we undertook an effort to plan for the area of the city around the to-be-created Transit Center on Water Street. Working with the Dover downtown partnership, the city of Dover planning staff and design consultants, the MPO created vision for that area of downtown. Some of the projects identified in the plan have already been implemented while some of the remaining recommendations require the leadership of city council to fully realize.

I also take pride in a neighborhood revitalization project in the city of Dover. It was a project not unlike Restoring Central Dover that involved a team effort to fund and implement comprehensive neighborhood and housing improvements, including selective demolition, renovations and new residential construction, even of a new group home for developmentally disabled adults. That project converted the highest crime area in the city to a stable neighborhood that has been preserved for life the last 15 years.

WILLIAM F. HARE (Incumbent)

William F. Hare

Education: BS Delaware State University (1982); MBA 1990 Chadwick University (1990); HR Certification Cornell University (1996)
Family: Two daughters, three granddaughters
Years living in Dover: 42 years
Affiliations: Dover Elks 1903; Current Vice Chairman KSI Board of Directors and Past Chairman; Chairman and Founder Delaware Military Support Organization; Past president 2012-13 and current member Colonial Rotary
Have you ever been publicly elected to office? Dover City Council 1991-1997 and 2011-present
Best way constituents can contact you if you are elected? Phone 302-222-1010 or email billh2323@comcast.net

Q: Why are you running (or running again) for this office?
I have enjoyed my time serving the citizens and businesses of Dover. I am aware of the history of Dover over the last 40-plus years and I feel that my experience and knowledge of that history will be an asset as Dover continues to grow and move forward.

The Delaware State News will continue coverage of the Dover municipal election.
Coming Tuesday: Surveys of 3rd District candidates
The 2017 election will be held Tuesday, April 18 between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.
• Polling places: 1st District voters will vote at The Elks Lodge No. 1903 (entrance at the rear of the building), located at 200 Saulsbury Road; 2nd District voters will vote at the Seventh Day Adventist Church, located at 647 Wyoming Avenue; 3rd District voters will vote at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, located at 425 North DuPont Highway.
• About the election: Regular city of Dover Municipal elections are held in odd-numbered years on the third Tuesday in April. The mayor and nine council members are elected to four-year staggered terms on a non-partisan basis. Two members are elected from each of the four council districts; the ninth member of council and the mayor are elected at large.
You can find all of the surveys under the Government section of DelawareStateNews.net.

Q: In your campaign thus far, what seems to be the most pressing concerns to the constituents of your district?
Everyone is naturally concerned over the budget and potential tax increases, as well as I am. I have to pay the increases just like anyone else. I want to be sure we are doing everything we can to keep city costs and expenses in check, while at the same time being aware of public safety issues. Our police and fire departments are top notch and we have to continue to support them and their needs so everyone in the community feels safe.

Q: What important skills from your background will you bring to Dover City Council?
My professional background includes work in human resources and small business. As a former HR director, I want to see us expedite the hiring process and to confirm that we are offering our employees competitive salaries and benefit packages in order to get and maintain stellar employees — all while being within our budget. As a small-business owner it’s important to consider the impacts each ordinance and budget may have on the community as well as businesses. In order for our community to continue to thrive, we have to support those businesses that are supporting our community and make Dover a desirable place for new businesses.

Q: What are the personal or professional accomplishments of which you are most proud?
I would say being a father of two wonderful and successful daughters that along with their mother I had some impact in their life and I am very proud. I am an Air Force veteran and proudly served my country and founded the Delaware Military Support Organization to help support the needs of our active-duty men and women. Our slogan is “We Support You … While You Defend us.” I am proud to have been able to serve the citizens of Dover the last six years and be there for any and all needs, and hope to be able to continue serving them.

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