Board recommends pardon for Paradee in 1989 alcohol citation

DOVER — The Board of Pardons on Monday recommended Gov. John Carney pardon state Rep. Trey Paradee for a 1989 citation for underage possession of alcohol.

Rep. Paradee, a Cheswold Democrat, said he was ticketed but not taken into police custody. The incident is characterized as an arrest on a Newark Alderman’s Court transcript.

An appeal to the Alderman’s Court was denied five months after the incident.

Rep. Trey Paradee

Rep. Trey Paradee

“When I was a sophomore in college, I was charged with underage possession of alcohol,” Rep. Paradee wrote in a letter he released Monday. “At the time of the incident, I was helping my college roommate, who was 21 years of age, bring groceries, which included a case of beer, from his car into our apartment. Even though my roommate was able to provide proof of his age and proof that he had purchased the beer, the policeman still gave me a $50 ticket for the violation.”

He said he has had to send the letter to the federal government when renewing his securities and insurance licenses and to companies that have appointed him to sell their offerings.

Rep. Paradee said he was 19 at the time of the incident, which he termed “a nuisance” and “embarrassing.”

The board, which is made up of Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-Long, Secretary of State Jeff Bullock, Chancellor Andre Bouchard, Treasurer Ken Simpler and Auditor Tom Wagner, said it did not have any objections to formally urging the governor to issue a pardon.

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