Delaware officials praise Harris VP pick

DOVER — Delaware officials spoke approvingly of former Vice President Joe Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris, a senator from California, to join him on the Democratic ticket as his running mate.

Elected officials such the governor and members of the U.S. congressional delegation, all of whom are Democrats, praised the selection as wise and expressed hope it will excite Democratic voters.

Mr. Biden, who served as vice president for eight years after 36 as one of Delaware’s two senators, will speak in Wilmington today with Sen. Harris. The Democratic National Convention is set for next week, with the general election less than three months away.

Gov. John Carney, a senatorial staffer for the presumptive Democratic nominee for president three decades ago, on Facebook described Sen. Harris as possessing “the experience and keen intellect necessary to help Joe win back the White House and to make difficult governing choices as we emerge from this COVID-19 crisis and meaningfully address systemic issues around racial justice in this country.” Noting Sen. Harris worked with then-Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, Mr. Biden’s late son, when she was California’s attorney general last decade, Gov. Carney referred to her as “a proven fighter for the least among us.”

Sen. Tom Carper, the dean of Delaware’s congressional delegation, in a statement said Mr. Biden “has always surrounded himself with the smartest, most capable team imaginable” and has done so again with this decision.

“I’ve seen her passion and her tenacity up close in the Senate, and that’s just what we need not just to win in November, but to get our country back on the right track in the years to come,” he said. “Now, let’s go win together!”

Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester held a leadership role on Mr. Biden’s campaign and helped with the VP selection process.

“I saw firsthand the traits that will make Senator Harris an exceptional vice president,” she said in a statement. “She is ready for the job on day one, not afraid to fight for her values, and ready to go to work for working families. I am not only proud of the historic nature of her nomination, but excited to see all the incredible work she will do on the campaign trail and, come next January, in the White House.”

Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings also referenced Beau Biden in a statement.

“I first heard Kamala Harris’ name when I was on Beau’s leadership team and they were dealing with the fallout of America’s mortgage crisis. They were from different states, different backgrounds, and different ends of the country. But they were both young and tireless, and they proved to be formidable partners at a time when we needed strong leadership,” she said.

“They worked together on what was, at that time, one of the most pressing jobs for attorneys general: holding predatory banks accountable for the havoc they wreaked on homeowners and on the American economy. The ability to work with our counterparts in other states is invaluable to any AG, and Beau and Kamala’s relationship worked to the benefit of every American.

“Beau saw in Kamala what so many of us saw in him: a fierce, dedicated fighter who was grounded in empathy. It’s what I think Joe sees in her, too, and why Democrats across America are excited to have her on the ticket. I’m one of them. And I’ll be proud to see she and Joe Biden sworn in on January 20.”

Delaware Democratic Party Chairman Erik Raser-Schramm also spoke with pride that Sen. Harris will “be in Joe Biden’s corner in the battle for the soul of our nation this fall.”