Delaware Republicans stand firm behind Trump

DOVER — Delegate Hank McCann thinks Donald Trump will win November’s presidential election “in a landslide if the mail in balloting gets squared away.”

That’s what the past Kent County Republican Committee chairman took away from the GOP’s national convention in North Carolina’s Charlotte Convention Center this week.

Attending his third straight party convention, Mr. McCann soaked in President Trump’s message that “80 million live ballots opens up chances for fraud, harvesting votes, people who don’t know what they’re voting for.

“It could be messy when the election comes.”

During the roll call of states Monday, Delaware Republican Party chair Jane Brady (wearing a Colonial-style tri-cornered hat during a roughly 50 second presentation) confirmed all 16 of the First State’s delegates were committed to the president as part of a national sweep.

According to Mr. McCann, “There was no debate around, everybody voted for Trump.

“For the small amount of people who were in the convention center there was a very high level of enthusiasm. Being there in person really energized us.”

While candidate Trump “was not my first choice” during the 2016 primaries —he believed in Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker — he’s staunchly behind the president now.

“His foreign policy is right on, it’s great what he’s doing,” said Mr. McCann, a retired Delaware Army National Guard general.

“He’s also strong on domestic policy, he’s completely won me over.”

Ms. Brady and Delaware’s delegation left after Monday’s session.

“The message was starkly different (from the Democrats),” she said. “Everything was so positive. The breadth and depth of the issues discussed and affect on people’s lives and how they’ve been changed by the Trump administration was truly inspiring.”

While not totally glued to the television, 19th District State Sen. Brian Pettyjohn, R-Georgetown, said he has checked in on the GOP national convention and applauds what he has heard and seen.

“I just think that it’s a very pro-America, a very positive message,” Sen. Pettyjohn said. “That has been kind of a theme throughout a lot of the speakers, a lot of presentations that were made.

Echoing that is 37th District Rep. Ruth Briggs King, R-Georgetown. She says the convention focus is positive and is really where the American people are at, notably keeping jobs, the economy, security and safety at home.

“Looking at the economy, we were doing so well before the coronavirus, and then the worry about businesses returning and how to support those businesses,” Rep. Briggs King said. “I think President Trump and his administration had done a great up until the virus erupted. And I think that he will be the one to lead us in recovery out of this too.”

Undaunted, many national polls indicating that the president trails Democratic candidate Joe Biden by a significant margin, delegate Carol Bodine of Ocean View heard otherwise from GOP polling analysts.

“There was so much confidence in the speakers talking about what’s going to be done to make sure the election is conducted fairly and they had people showing stats of internal polls showing (President Trump) is doing much better than what the news media is saying,” she said.

“When I got done with the convention I really thought he was going to win.”

Mr. McCann said he took solace in “a lot of things I’ve heard are that a lot of hard-nosed Democrats have nothing good to say about Biden and his gang.

“There really is a silent majority out there that’s said ‘We’ve had enough of socialism and the things that shouldn’t be happening.’ “

Before departing the convention, Ms. Bodine sat in on President Trump’s appearance Monday. Just more than 300 delegates gathered due to COVID-19 restrictions, and she felt a certain kinship with him.

“The thing I liked was that when Trump came it was more personal with the smaller crowd,” she said. “He was so warm and it was almost like he was speaking to you personally.

“He didn’t really attack anyone in his speech; he talked about what he has done and what he will do during the next four years.”

And what’s coming in the future, according to President Trump.

“He’s talking about finishing the wall, he’s going to take care of the cartels and illegals who enter the country and commit crimes, he’s going to get jobs, he’s not going to tax us, he may even lower them.

“If Joe Biden get in it’s ‘Katy bar the door’ on taxes.”

Said delegate/Dover resident Michael Harrington Sr. who voted by proxy, “As I watched the Democratic convention I didn’t hear a vision of the future.

“There was a lot of name calling putting Trump down, blaming the virus on Trump, instead of offering a plan of their own.

“The Republican speakers I’ve heard have talked about everything they have accomplished the last three years and the future of the United States. Trump is talking about a vaccine for the coronavirus by the end of the year and will (probably) outline in many steps what else is coming in (Thursday’s) speech.

“The Republican convention is all about the future and accomplishments in the past three years that have far exceeded what Obama and Biden did in eight years.”

According to Delaware State Chairman of the Trump-Pence 2020 re-election campaign Rob Arlett in a statement Thursday:

“Throughout the RNC Convention you’ve heard from real Americans about how the policies of the Donald Trump-Mike Pence administration have changed their lives for the better; something Joe Biden has been unable to do in his nearly 50 years in office.

“This November, voters will have a clear choice: continue our Great American Comeback or go down the Democrats’ road of radical left policies that will bankrupt our country.”

Rep. Briggs King said support for President Trump extends beyond America’s borders. While vacationing abroad within the past year, she and her husband encountered support from folks hailing from Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and other in foreign countries. “They speak highly of where this country is right now … and things that the President has stressed they seem to agree with; you have to protect your borders and your people,” said Rep. Briggs King. “A lot of people must really agree that he is doing some right things for our country.”

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