Democrat files to run for state treasurer

Colleen Davis

DOVER — Democrat Colleen Davis announced Wednesday she is running for state treasurer. Ms. Davis, a health care professional from Dagsboro, is seeking to unseat Republican incumbent Ken Simpler.

“I am honored to announce my candidacy for Treasurer for the State of Delaware,” Ms. Davis said in a statement. “As a consultant for major hospital systems, I know what it takes to develop sustainability amid an ever-changing economic landscape. I’ve gained an understanding of the complexities of creating economic growth on a large scale, realizing efficiencies, improving quality-of-care, and increasing viability — all while never losing focus on meeting the needs of the public.”

Ms. Davis, 38, said her experience working with health care and finances makes her a good candidate for the office,

“We can have a budget and economy that are sound long-term, while also prioritizing the interests of Main Street over Wall Street,” she said. “Striking that balance is not ‘simple,’ as my opponent often riffs, but it is necessary to truly protect taxpayer investment in our state.”

Delaware Democratic Party Chairman Erik Raser-Schramm praised Ms. Davis as bringing a new perspective.

“For Colleen, this job is about one thing: helping our money work better for everyone,” he said. “She’s an outsider to politics, yet has the professional background and experience to be an effective and accountable manager, and that’s exactly what this unique position calls for.”

Treasurer is one of two statewide offices controlled by the Republican Party. Auditor Tom Wagner is retiring this year.

In 2014, Mr. Simpler, one of the stars of the Delaware GOP, became the first non-incumbent Republican to win a statewide race since 1994. He won a primary with 53.9 percent of the vote and then defeated Democrat Sean Barney by pulling in 53.6 percent of ballots cast.

Delaware’s treasurer is responsible for overseeing investments, debt, banking infrastructure and several financial plans.

Also running for the office this year is Green Party candidate David Chandler, who received 2.8 percent of the vote in 2014.

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