Democratic AG candidate announces plan to run


DOVER — Former high-ranking Delaware Department of Justice official Tim Mullaney Sr. announced Thursday he is running for attorney general.

Mr. Mullaney, who previously served as a U.S. marshal and the DOJ chief of staff, will seek the seat being vacated by Matt Denn, who revealed in August he will not campaign for a second term. Both men are Democrats.

“Under my proven leadership, the Department of Justice will help build stronger and safer communities by helping troubled youths turn their lives around before they become adult criminals, keep our children safe from predators, stand up for the victims of crime and build public trust in the legal system,” Mr. Mullaney, 67, said in a statement.

“I am running to help those who need it most. I have a lifetime of public service protecting those who cannot protect themselves. I look forward to sharing my vision for the Attorney General’s Office with Delawareans all over the state.”

Mr. Mullaney has had a long and varied career around government, working for the federal government, the state of Delaware, New Castle County and the city of Dover.

From 2011 to 2014, he was the top aide to then Attorney General Beau Biden. Prior to that he led the Department of Justice’s Fraud and Consumer Protection Division for three years.

Tim Mullaney

After leaving the Department of Justice when Mr. Biden’s term expired, Mr. Mullaney was prepared to work on Mr. Biden’s campaign for governor. However, Mr. Biden died in May 2015 of brain cancer, and Mr. Mullaney went to New Castle County later that year.

After spending a year as the county’s chief administrative officer, he became the director of labor services for the National Fraternal Order of Police, the position he currently holds.

From 1994 to 2002, he was a U.S. marshal for Delaware.

In a news release, Mr. Mullaney said he “will not hesitate to champion for Delawareans by standing up to Republican President Donald Trump.” He praised lawsuits against the White House filed by Democratic attorneys general in several states over actions taken by the president over issues like immigration and health care.

He believes authorities need to come down hard on violent criminals but also must work to change certain aspects of the criminal justice system, such as providing more treatment for people suffering drug addiction.

Delaware has stepped up its efforts to help address addiction over the past few years, with officials increasingly viewing it as a disease to be cured rather than a crime to be punished.

“We need to be aware of the ever-changing needs of our communities and be willing to look within the criminal justice system itself to fearlessly abandon what is not working, improve certain aspects and exercise the ability to create new initiatives to ensure the equal protection of every person in this great state,” Mr. Mullaney said. “We cannot arrest more people and hope these challenges will go away. We need more treatment options and other resources to address the public safety challenges facing Delaware. I look forward to discussing my ideas with the voters up and down Delaware in the coming months.”

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