Dover council authorizes funds to repair pump station

DOVER — City council unanimously voted Monday to authorize $96,880 to repair the US 13 East Pump Station No. 7.

In July the programmable logic controller failed at the station. The failure made all three wastewater pumps inoperable.

Temporary bypass pumping was installed to maintain continuity of service for the sanitary sewer pump station.

Bypass of the PLC has occurred, as necessary, to maintain operations at the station. Only two of the three pumps are available until permanent repairs.

There were two options to repair the pump station, said city manager Scott Koenig.

Scott Koenig

Scott Koenig

The city chose to replace the existing PLC with an up-to-date software package, which will mimic other packages in the pump station inventory, as it will increase operational consistency with the city’s internal staff, Mr. Koenig said.

The other option was to repair the existing PLC. The issue with this option is that the existing PLC is original to the station and is considered out-dated by industry standards.

The software at this station is the only one in the pump station inventory for the city.

Mr. Koenig said this option would have cost less than replacing the existing PLC, but it wouldn’t have been beneficial in the long run. “It would be about 50 percent less,” Mr. Koenig said. “But it doesn’t get us to current standards and it could be very well wasted money going into the future if it needs a repair.

“It would be a quick fix, but a not a beneficial one in the long run. There won’t be any warranties with that repair.

“This pump station is absolutely necessary to the commercial district on 13,” Mr. Koenig added. “It’s important and we would like to get this station repaired permanently.”

The repairs will be paid out of the Capital Improvement Plan budget.

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