DSU Zoom discussion to follow VP debate Wednesday night

DOVER — Following spirited discussion after last week’s contentious debate between President Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden, organizer Dr. Sam Hoff wants to hear more.

That’s why he’s planning a “Rate the Debate” Zoom event scheduled to begin after Wednesday’s debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Mr. Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris.

Last Tuesday, 15 students shared their thoughts during a 50-minute session after the presidential debate, according to Dr. Hoff, George Washington Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Delaware State University.

“I thought they were very engaged throughout the entire session,” Dr. Hoff said of the event hosted by DSU’s Department of History, Political Science, and Philosophy.

“There was no uncomfortable silence as far as prompting students to say something.

“There weren’t any dominant individuals and the conversation and discussion put forth came from a lot of participants.
“As expected, the comments fell mostly on the pro-Biden side.”

The Pence-Harris debate at the University of Utah will be broadcast from 9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., with the DSU-originated Zoom conference launching soon after the conclusion.

The upcoming Zoom session can be accessed through the ID 8449613861 and Passcode 7kPh3G.

If the first “Rate the Debate” response is an indicator, participants will be eagerly waiting to get started. Dr. Hoff said participants had already logged in five minutes early, which was another sign of interest that prompted a second event.

Last Tuesday night, Dr. Hoff said participants reacted negatively to the elevated rancor between Republican President Trump and Democratic nominee Mr. Biden.

“There was almost universal frustration about the shouting back and forth and the talking over each other,” he said.

There were compliments offered for Mr. Biden’s “approach of rather consistently looking into the camera.”

Also, Dr. Hoff said, “A number of students were taken aback that (President Trump) did not reject the (Proud Boys) group as a white supremacist organization.”

Some contrarian arguments were made about concern for voter ballot issues to assure a proper election process, Dr. Hoff said.

“I think some of that may have been presented just to stir up the conversation just a bit,” he said.

According to Dr. Hoff, students generally mentioned President Trump’s reference to Mr. Biden’s association with DSU “but not in a sustained format.”