Election 2020: 41st Representative District

Editor’s note: Rep. Collins is unopposed.

Name: Rich Collins

Party: Republican

Age: 72

Family: Married, with three children and five grandchildren

Residence: Millsboro

Occupation: Retired insurance agency owner, small acreage farmer, state legislator

Why are you running for this seat?

RC: To keep taxes low, regulations fair, protect individual rights, promote private enterprise, and seek a higher standard of living for all.

Rich Collins

What do you see as the major issues for this district?

RC: Coronavirus restrictions have created severe economic hardships, as well as having devastating impacts on our school children.

What is the biggest problem facing the state, and how would you solve it?

RC: The governor’s emergency orders have eliminated the checks and balances that our founders created to achieve a country with the greatest freedom and prosperity for the individual that the world has ever seen. Many constitutional guarantees have been eliminated. Only time will tell if they will be fully restored.

What would you like to see Delaware do differently in regard to coronavirus?

RC: Change state code so that a governor can no longer keep Delaware citizens under an emergency order for more than 30 days without the General Assembly approving as well. It is time to end the emergency. The state government’s role should be to educate and advise, not dictate.

How should our health care system change in response to coronavirus?

RC: Care for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other serious health concerns should not have been shut down. Our hospitals should not have been forced to lose $5.5 million per day during the height of the pandemic by not being allowed to accept other patients. The concepts of free enterprise must be restored to our health care system, and nearly total government control of health care must end.

What do you believe schools should do to educate students while keeping people safe from COVID-19?

RC: Children have proven to have almost no danger from coronavirus. Required social distancing is why our schools can’t function properly, because there is not enough room in the buildings. Schools should be opened in a normal manner. Many of our schools were getting substandard results before the pandemic. Lack of broadband, along with elimination of attendance requirements, lack of socialization, and in some cases, lack of supervision, guarantee that many of our children will face lifelong negative consequences far greater than the virus.

What should the state do to help both businesses and workers right now?

RC: Allow them to get back to work. Cut business taxes and regulations. If this is not done, the business and job landscape could be much worse by the time winter ends.

What do you think of the current level of state spending?

RC: Growth in state spending has been fairly reasonable for normal times. The emergency orders are likely creating budgetary problems that will last for years for both the state and citizens.

Would you support gun control measures?

RC: Absolutely not. Violence in many communities across the country, along with calls to defund the police, mean that law-abiding citizens need the means to protect themselves. In addition, criminals by definition do not follow laws, thus will not be affected by new gun laws. Finally, our state refuses to prosecute most actual gun crime. The first step is to hold criminals accountable.

What changes are needed to policing and the criminal justice system?

RC: Many significant reforms have been made in recent years in both areas. Most police are responsible and take great risks to protect the law abiding. We should wait and see what happens to crime rates before making significant new changes.

What do you make of the state of race relations in the US and particularly Delaware?

RC: I feel they are worsening. There is no question there was once hard discrimination in Delaware. Dr. Martin Luther King and others set us on a much better path. In recent years, some are using political tactics that are once again driving the races apart. It is time that we all embrace being Americans.

Do you have any additional thoughts you wish to share?

RC: Did not answer.