Kent County Levy Court OKs rehab grant application

DOVER — Kent County Levy Court will submit an application for a grant from the Delaware State Housing Authority to rehab and demolish local properties.

The Community Development Block Grant projects must be submitted no later than Feb. 25.

The total grant money available is about $1.5 million.

The Community Development Advisory Committee has been reviewing the applications at its monthly meetings.

Some include four house rehabilitations and the demolition of one house in Frederica for a projected total of $86,000 and the rehabilitation of four houses in Wyoming for $72,000.

“The DSHA will review our projections and decide how much funding they will give us,” said Albert Biddle, Housing and Community Development supervisor for Kent County.

“We’re not expected to get all of the funds that we’re asking for,” he cautioned. “They are just projected funds that we may need.”

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