Kent County Levy Court seeks right to regulate firearms in county buildings

DOVER –– Members of the Kent County Levy Court want a change in the Delaware Code that would give them the right to regulate the possession of guns by unauthorized personnel in county buildings.

With unanimous support, the Levy Court approved draft Resolution 3454 Tuesday evening.

The resolution urges the General Assembly to consider incorporating amended language planned for Title 22 (municipalities) into Title 9, Section 330 which governs county governments.

Title 22 of the Delaware Code gives cities and towns the ability to enact local laws or ordinances prohibiting the possession of firearms, ammunition and explosives in municipal buildings by unauthorized persons.

In its current form, the legislation does not extend the same rights to county governments.

In the resolution Levy Court will submit to the General Assembly, the wording for the amendment including county offices is identical to the existing language about municipalities.

If the amendment is adopted by the General Assembly, it wouldn’t require anything of the counties, it would simply give each the ability to pass ordinances regulating the possession of firearms, ammunition and explosives in its buildings.

The language also allows municipalities to establish penalties for violation of the ordinances and if the amendment is adopted, the counties would be able to do the same.

County Administrator Michael Petit de Mange reported that he has approached New Castle and Sussex counties to determine their interest in making the same resolution but was met with indifference.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, Michael Harrington, Jr. was appointed to the Kent County Regional Sports Complex board of directors. He was approved by a vote of six to none.

Levy Court’s next meeting is June 16 at 7 p.m. at 555 Bay Road in Dover. An agenda will be available at

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