Kent officials renew support for ending vets’ homelessness

DOVER — Kent County Levy Court agreed Tuesday to renew its partnership with the Mayor’s Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness.

“I’m humbled that you’ve allowed us to come back here and are willing to continue to be part of this challenge,” Dover Mayor Robin Christiansen said.

The Challenge seeks to eliminate military veterans’ homelessness by ensuring those who are homeless are able to be placed in permanent housing.

On any given night 100 veterans in Delaware are homeless.

A working group including state and federal agencies, nonprofit providers and veterans service agencies has developed a plan to address the problem.

The plan includes identifying veterans who are currently homeless or at a high risk of homelessness, improving connections and coordination between veteran-specific and mainstream resources for homelessness prevention and rapid re-housing.

In addition, those who are at risk of becoming homeless are quickly identified and provided with appropriate resources to prevent them from experiencing homelessness.

The agency was able to house 54 veterans in 2015. Their original goal was 50.

“The effort was great last year,” said Kent County Levy Court Vice President Bradley Eaby said. “It’s great supporting this once again.”

Mayor Christiansen said the battle was won, but not the war.

“I think it’s everyone’s success and we just want to grow,” he said.

“This continues to be a worthy cause. We want to continue to assist those, who honorably served this great country and their families with not just a place to stay, but with the services that will make them whole.”

“We encourage everyone to join the campaign,’ he added.

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