Neil to seek another term on Dover City Council

DOVER — While much of Fred Neil’s heart lies in his native Baltimore, he has found his voice regarding the direction of the city of Dover, by serving as a city councilman for the 3rd District since May 2015.

Fred Neil

Councilman Neil, the eldest member of Dover’s governing body, announced his plans to run for reelection Sunday. The capital city’s 2021 municipal election is April 20.

“All my past experiences have come into play during the past five-and-a-half years,” Councilman Neil wrote in a letter to his constituents. “The money the city budgets is your money, and must be spent respecting all taxpayers in both short-term and long-term purposes. However, governance is not just about money. It is also about compassion.

“Dover faces new challenges caused by the financial impact of the pandemic. We have a new city manager (Randy Robertson) who will operate as directed by the philosophy of the city council. You will be electing two representatives from the 3rd District to help guide Dover’s future.”

Each of Dover’s four districts hold two seats on City Council. Other than Councilman Neil’s seat, at-large Councilman Tim Slavin has announced he will not seek reelection, while the seats of Gerald Rocha Sr. (1st District), Council President William “Bill” Hare (2nd District) and David Anderson (4th District) will be up for election for another four-year term on City Council.

The term of office for the winners will be May 10, 2021, through May 12, 2025.

There will also be a special election to fill the 3rd District seat that was vacated by Scott Cole after he recently moved to Smyrna. This spot will be a two-year term.

The filing and petition deadline for the 2021 Dover election is Feb. 12 at 4:30 p.m.

Councilman Neil said he is looking forward to working with the individual who is eventually elected as Mr. Cole’s successor in the 3rd District.

“Former Councilman Scott Cole and I were elected on the same day (in 2015), and we worked in tandem to provide the 3rd District maximum coverage,” Councilman Neil wrote. “I will seek to do the same with his successor. As the author of the alerts sent to (citizens of Dover) from your elected officials, I will continue to do the same. Dover is best served by transparency and well-informed citizens.”

Councilman Neil semiretired to Delaware in 2003 with his wife, Dawn.

Before that, Mr. Neil left his mark on Maryland, where he served as press officer for Baltimore Mayor William Donald Schaefer. He also enjoyed a 20-year role as public affairs officer of the Maryland Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

He also co-hosted and/or produced broadcast series with Baltimore Colts Hall of Famers Johnny Unitas and Art Donovan and the Orioles’ Brooks Robinson, among others, and wrote a book with the late Charley Eckman, a professional basketball referee and NBA Coach of the Year.

Councilman Neil made light of his interesting past in his letter announcing his intentions for reelection.

“I debated flashing my various awards from my past careers: In radio news and sports, or helping disabled individuals enter the real work world, in my role with vocational rehabilitation, or my involvement in the internal workings of government as press officer for Baltimore Mayor William Donald Schaefer,” he wrote. “I decided not to because it means absolutely nothing if I did not serve you and the other citizens of Dover well.”

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