Nice work … if you can get it – Top Delaware salaries


DOVER — Who has the highest salary in state government?

No, not the governor. Not the senior judges.

The state’s highest-salaried employee is Gary L. Collins, chief medical examiner.

According to state payroll data provided by the Office of Management and Budget, none of the nearly 51,000 people employed by the state in at least a part-time or temporary position had a higher salary than Dr. Collins, who gets paid $9,211.54 every two-week pay period.

Across 26 pay periods, or one year, that’s $239,500.04. Dr. Collins began his current position in October.

The top 100 highest salaried employees include school district superintendents, judges, top medical officials, the state police superintendent and the governor.

Dr. Collins was one of four employees in the Division of Forensic Science in the top 10 for pay. The division was revamped and transferred to the Department of Safety and Homeland Security in 2014 following a scandal that involved serious accusations of evidence theft, among other issues.

The three assistant medical examiners are set to be paid $201,900.40 annually.

The records, which are current as of Aug. 1, cover only the highest-salaried employees, not the highest-paid in a given year. Other factors, such as a variety of kinds of special “bonus” pay like overtime, are not considered. OMB collects that information at the end of each calendar year.

The second highest-paid employee is a psychiatrist in the Department of Services for Children, Youth and their Families. Richard Margolis is on track to earn $232,267.10 per year. He started in the position in 2013.

Delaware Technical Community College President Mark Brainard, in his second year in charge of the state’s only community college, will receive $225,500.08.

Salaries for certain positions, such as members of the judiciary, elected officials and department heads, are set forth in the annual budget bill. Most judges make at least $174,449, marking them as among the highest-salaried individuals employed by the state.

Gov. Jack Markell will receive $171,000 this fiscal year for serving as the state’s chief executive. All legislators will be paid $44,541, along with a mileage reimbursement and an expense account of $7,334.

Fourth on the list of employees by salary is the Department of Correction’s medical director. Vincent Carr started in 2012 and makes $218,500.10.

Right behind him is Gerard Gallucci, who has held the position of medical director in the Delaware Health and Social Services since 2006. He will be paid $212,475.90 over the course of a year.

High-ranking psychiatrists earn a large salary because they are in high demand, according to a department spokeswoman.

The profession is more specialized than many medical jobs, and qualified individuals can make hundreds of thousands of dollars in the private sector, Jill Fredel said.

Among elected officials, Attorney General Matthew Denn is second to Gov. Markell with an annual salary of $145,707. Treasurer Ken Simpler follows at $113,874, and both auditor Tom Wagner and insurance commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart are earmarked $109,032 per year.

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