Poll: Carney’s approval rating takes a dive

John Carney

DOVER — Gov. John Carney has seen his net approval rating plummet over the past three months.

A new poll released this week by Morning Consult finds the Democrat now has a net approval of plus-22 compared to plus-41 in April.

The poll reveals 52 percent of registered Delaware voters approve of his performance as governor, while 30 percent disapprove. The April poll reported 61 percent gave him a favorable rating, while 20 percent did not.

Surveying took place from April to July.

Gov. Carney, who took office in January, has slipped from being one of the most popular governors to the middle of the pack. He won 58 percent of the vote in November.

The state government confronted a budget gap of around $390 million over the past few months, culminating in the Democratic-controlled General Assembly failing to balance the budget by the end of the fiscal year and ending up going into a special session in July and voting to increase taxes.

A Morning Consult poll released last week said Delaware’s U.S. senators, both Democrats, have also seen their popularity drop since April.

New Jersey’s Chris Christie, a Republican, is the least popular governor in the United States, while Charlie Baker, the Republican governor of Massachusetts, is the most liked, the poll c,laims.

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