Q&A: 28th Representative District hopefuls take on the issues

Rep. William Carson

Name: William Carson
Party: Democrat
Office seeking: Representative District 28
Age: 67
Occupation: Retired, full-time legislator
Family: Wife, Betty
Elective experience: Representative to 28th Representative District






Name: Charlotte Middleton
Party: Republican
Office seeking: 28th Representative District
Age: Did not answer
Occupation: Registered nurse
Family: Four children
Elective experience: Ran for the position of Commissioner for 1st District County Levy Court (Kent County. Ran for the Board of Education in New Jersey.

Why are you running for this office?

WC: Serving residents of the 28th Representative District is my passion. I’ve watched this community grow, and I want to see it thrive. I would be honored to continue to serve my neighbors in the General Assembly and help address their needs.

CM: I want to serve the citizens in the 28th Representative District. As a Community Health Nurse, I have seen the impact of legislation on the residents of Delaware. I have watched my community continue to grow and they have many needs and issues that have been impacted by legislative changes negatively. I want to address their concerns based on my first-hand knowledge of their issues through legislation proactively. I  welcome the opportunity to serve my constituents in the General Assembly.

What would be your top priority if elected?

WC: My top priority is ensuring that residents have sustainable job opportunities and a high quality of life, as well as strong local economies. It is also critical that our schools have the necessary tools to support our children and give them a solid education and foundation for job opportunities. I also support tax breaks for senior citizens.

CM: My priority would be addressing the health care needs of the elderly and working on committees that will research and formula a plan to provide a means to overcome the issues that has a negative impact on the health care needs of the elderly and citizens.

It is important that our children have the options and opportunity to attend a traditional school, cyber or viable home school programs. Incentives need to be provided to support this various educational opportunity for parents and as another means to ensure school safety.

If you could change one state policy or law, what would it be?

WC: To increase benefits for veterans.

CM: To look at the laws governing cyber and home schooling for our youth to provide an optional resources (choices) in education and options for safety and security of our children during their education process.

What are your plans to boost economic development?

WC: I support a strong agricultural industry and a strong local economy for small businesses. The agricultural industry is the largest economy in Delaware, and we need make sure it continues to grow and that we support our farmers. We also have to support our small businesses, and listen to their challenges and successes. We should find ways to address red tape, and bolster the support businesses need to succeed.

CM: I would look at how small business are affected by tax laws.  The small business owners are an integral part of the communities in which they live and work. The local small business are involved in our community and support other business within the community.

What, if anything, should be done to increase revenue for the state or cut spending?

WC: As a member of the Joint Finance Committee, I see firsthand our budget challenges. In order for Delaware to continue to be competitive, we need to support the services that we have in a balanced approach. I have supported resolutions to study potential fiscal controls and health care growth in an effort to contain costs, and the General Assembly has looked at ways to make our revenue more consistent. We have a duty to protect taxpayer dollars while supporting our most vulnerable citizens and working families. Our constituents, our vulnerable populations and seniors, need to come first.

CM: There is a need to continue to review the state’s budget surpluses and revenue growth from tax laws changes and how they are being utilized to the benefit of the citizens.  I will look at the current Tax laws to determine if tax increases are necessary.  I will review the budget to work determine the need to increase or decrease spending based on the needs of the state to best serve the citizens.

Do you support the legalization of marijuana? Why or why not?

WC: In the past, I have supported legislation pertaining to medicinal marijuana and sponsored a bill to fully legalize hemp. I believe this issue needs to be thoroughly vetted and we need to make sure it is done in a fiscally responsible way.

CM: If the use of marijuana has been proven to benefit the health of the individual than and only then will I support its usage.

What, if any, gun laws would you change?

WC: Efforts must be made to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals. However, we do not need any laws that will impede the honest citizen from owning or possessing firearms.

CM: I would like to see more legislation on promoting gun safety with interventions such as background checks on mental health issues.

Would you vote for legislation reinstating the death penalty? Why or why not?

WC: I sponsored the Extreme Crimes Prevention Act to address capital punishment in Delaware. Capital punishment is an emotionally charged issue, but Delaware has had a history of applying it rarely and judiciously. Legislation to reinstate it should have safeguards that keep the punishment at a high standard.

CM: I am a nurse and I preserve life across the continuum not take it away.

Do changes need to be made to the state’s employee health care structure? Why or why not?

WC: We need to find ways to make our employee health care structure more efficient without sacrificing quality of care. As Delaware’s population continues to age, we have to consider best practices that keep those tenets top-of-mind. Further, I believe our state employees deserve access to the medications they need, without paying excessive costs.

CM: The current state’s plan provides affordable coverage for employees.  But insurance coverage for employees and citizens in general will always be a discussion topic with the rising cost of health care.  Until we can control insurance, hospital rates, and other medical costs, this will always be a topic for discussion.  Employees should have affordable coverage and access to affordable medications.

What should be done to combat Delaware’s drug crisis?

WC: So many families throughout Delaware are touched by the addiction epidemic. We need to continue to improve access to treatment and support creative programs and wraparound services for those in crisis.

CM: I would like to see the opioid response plan include the use of nurse practitioners in order to increase the availability of medical providers. This will allow for those individuals who are in crisis or need to receive help to eradicate their addition.

Is there anything else you think is pertinent?

WC: I have always been an advocate for senior citizens, veterans and first responders. I will continue on my quest to support them.

CM: Did not answer.

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