Q&A: Unopposed 4th District Levy Court commissioner responds

Name: Eric Buckson

Party: Republican

Office Sought: 4th district Levy Court commissioner

Age: 53

Occupation: Teacher

Family: Wife Jennifer, daughters Leiah and Krisanne and sons Brent and Graham

Elective Experience: 3 terms as a commissioner

Eric Buckson

Why are you running for this office?

I sincerely enjoy representing the constituents of the fourth district and find value in being able to have a seat at the table when it comes to making decisions that impact them.

What about your background qualifies you for this office?

I think any citizen who has the desire to serve can be considered qualified. It then should be left to the voters to decide. With that said, I believe I have a positive record of getting things done and making sound decisions during my time as a commissioner.

What would be your top priority if elected?

Economic development is the sexy pick and right fully so. That is something the Levy Court has been pushing rather intently. With that said, I think addressing the aging infrastructure related to the county sewer system has to be a priority. What we don’t know will come back to hurt us so we must continue our emphasis on developing a strong aggressive approach to upgrades and maintenance.

If you could change one county policy or law, what would it be?

It is not a law or policy, but we can get better at public service and how we support constituents who visit the county for various reasons. The mindset that we succeed when the customer succeeds needs to permeate what we do. One specific item I believe will improve our relationship will be onsite, real time access to permits, plans reviews and violations. This change has been funded and will soon be implemented at the county level.

What are the biggest issues presently facing county government?

I stated for the record last week that the county, and by that I mean elected officials, have been derelict in their duty to base property assessments on “real” market value. This failure disproportionately places a greater tax burden on many residents of limited means as well as puts our schools in a competitive disadvantage. It will be my intent to work with commissioners and the state on a sooner rather than later approach to addressing this issue.

What are the biggest opportunities presently on the county’s horizons?

The investment the state has made in transportation up and down Rt. 1 should not be ignored or wasted. I see the real potential to open up markets and expand on economic opportunities. Combine this with the civil air terminal and rail transport potential and this county is ripe for a business friendly expansion that will target meaningful employment in the county.

What, if anything, should be done to increase revenue for the county or cut spending?

Kent County has benefited from a small, streamlined government. We do not have a revenue problem as long as we continue to manage spending which will be my continued intent over the next four years.

Surveys conducted during the drafting of the county’s new 2018 Comprehensive Plan indicated that residents were most concerned about future economic development. What role should the county take in this?

We need to make sure that the process of a business entity entering the county system for the purpose of developing or expanding on venture is as efficient and expedient as it can be.


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