Senate Majority Leader McBride has cancer surgery


DOVER — Senate Majority Leader David McBride announced Thursday he has colorectal cancer but has had it removed and is set to begin chemotherapy.

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David McBride

He revealed the news to the public in a letter and said the treatment will not interfere with his senatorial duties.

“As I write this, I’ve had surgery to remove the cancer and am about to embark on a regime of chemotherapy to ensure that the disease has been fully defeated. I know that means I’ve got a fight on my hands. It’s a fight I’m ready for now,” he wrote.

“I wasn’t so sure just a few weeks ago. As many of you know from first-hand experience or by being at the side of a family member or friend who’s had cancer, the pain has been beyond description. And as upbeat as you all know me to be, the discomfort, coupled with the mental anguish of coming to terms with my experience had plunged me into some real despair.

“But I’ve really turned the corner over the last several days, and it’s because of the outpouring of love and support I’ve received from so many.”

A Wilmington Manor Democrat, Sen. McBride is one of the longest-serving lawmakers in state history, having first been elected to the General Assembly in 1978. He has been majority leader since 2012.

He had previously informed some of his colleagues about his condition before Thursday. He missed a special Senate session Nov. 30 due to what was announced then as a simple medical procedure.

He pledged not to miss a day at the state capitol when the legislative session begins Jan. 12.

In the letter, Sen. McBride urged Delawareans to get screened themselves, as he did, which allowed the cancer to be caught.

“The truth is, I can’t help but smile at what I see as some real irony in all of this,” he wrote. “During my Senate career, I’ve been proud to count myself as a leader in Delaware’s war against cancer. I sponsored the indoor smoking ban and supported efforts to use money from our share of the national settlement with Big Tobacco to fund the state’s Health Fund. Among other things, that fund helps provide money to support cancer screenings for people who couldn’t afford them otherwise. I also sponsored the legislation setting up the Delaware Cancer Consortium, which helps coordinate and guide our state’s ongoing battle with cancer. I really believe those efforts have saved some lives here in Delaware.

“And it’s my hope that sharing my story with you today might save some more.”

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