State Democrats select delegates to July national convention

10dsn Sen Patricia Blevins

Patricia Blevins

DOVER — Delaware Democrats elected their 21 delegates to the national convention Saturday.

The Democratic Party and thousands of delegates from across the nation will gather in Philadelphia from July 25 to July 28 to nominate a candidate, likely Hillary Clinton, for president.

At the annual state convention, the Delaware Democratic Party approved 21 activists, elected officials and citizens who will attend the July event.

There, 12 of the 21 delegates will go to former Secretary of State Clinton, and the remaining nine will be awarded to Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vemont.

While Ms. Clinton’s delegates include several state lawmakers and party officials, Sen. Sanders’ supporters are mostly made up of rank-and-file Democrats.

Among those pledged to Ms. Clinton are New Castle County party Chairwoman Betsy Maron and Vice Chairman Erik Raser-Schramm, Sussex County party Chairman Mitch Crane, Elsmere-area state Sen. Patricia Blevins and Bellefonte-area state Rep. Debra Heffernan.

Wilmington City Council President Theo Gregory is one of nine Delawareans pledged for Sen. Sanders.

Each subdivision’s number of delegates was set based on voter turnout.

Margaret Fuller and Colby Owens will represent Wilmington, while New Castle’s delegates are Italo Carrieri-Russo, Catherine Ciferni, Janet Seldon, Courtney McGregor, Ms. Maron, Mr. Raser-Schramm, Glen Schmiesing and Sean Finnigan. Douglas Drummond and Sandy Taylor are the Kent delegates, and Mr. Crane and Valarie Thompson will attend the convention on behalf of Sussex.

Rep. Heffernan, Christofer Johnson, Terri McIvor, Mona Parikh and Lydia York are at-large delegates, and Sen. Blevins and Mr. Gregory were selected by virtue of their status as elected officials.

Maria Cabrera and Jeff Day will serve as alternates.

The state also has 10 superdelegates, consisting of the governor, federal politicians from Delaware and party leaders.

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