State Rep. Short ends campaign for Congress


DOVER — State Rep. Bryon Short said Monday he is dropping his congressional bid, citing finances.

First elected in 2007, Rep. Short, D-Highland Woods, was one of six Democrats and two Republicans competing for the open seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Rep. Byron H. Short, D-Arden

Rep. Byron H. Short, D-Arden

“Campaigns take an unbelievable amount of money to win,” he wrote in a statement first posted to Facebook.

“Although we have consecutively raised more money each quarter than the previous, I do not believe my campaign is on track to raise the necessary resources to get our message out in such a crowded field of candidates.

“After much thought, I have decided to end my campaign for U.S. Congress,” he concluded.

The Democrat raised $152,253 in 2015, second among congressional hopefuls. The 2016 first-quarter financial reports will be revealed later this month.

Rep. Short, who launched his campaign in September, had planned not to run for re-election in the 7th Representative District, leading to three candidates filing for the office.

Efforts to reach him to comment on his future plans were not immediately successful.

In his statement, Rep. Short urged voters to seek positivity.

“Delaware needs a member of Congress who can cut through political nonsense and get things done,” he said. “It is my hope and my belief that Americans will reject the ugly politics of the past several years and focus on electing people with a positive vision for our future. I am confident that Delaware’s next representative will be one of those people.”

As he exits the race, the list on the Democratic side narrows to Newark Sen. Bryan Townsend, former state Secretary of Labor Lisa Blunt Rochester and 2014 state treasurer nominee Sean Barney. They are joined by former candidate Mike Miller and businessman Scott Walker.

Mr. Walker, of Milton, recently announced his candidacy, saying in a letter his main focus will include improving “poor upward socio-economic mobility, weak wealth formation, distorted crime statistics, dysfunctional schools and unrealized economic opportunities for all people.”

Former Wyoming Mayor Hans Reigle and 2014 GOP nominee Rose Izzo are running for the Republican nomination.

With incumbent U.S. Rep. John Carney, a Democrat, running for governor, Delaware’s lone seat in Congress’ lower chamber will be open for just the second time in 24 years.

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