Center at Eden Hill marks grand opening

Doctors, investors, elected officials and invited guests gather in front of the new Eden Hill Rehabilitation Center for the official opening Thursday. (Special to the Delaware State News/Gary Emeigh)

DOVER — Following initial treatment for some maladies, hospital to home isn’t always the best path.

Recovering to the point of independence isn’t always as quick as expected or hoped for.

Enter The Center at Eden Hill, where physical rehabilitation and/or continued nursing care is provided for an optimal range of one to three weeks.

After those hoped for 7 to 21 days of physical, occupational and speech therapy, among other services, a more comfortable, safer return home is the goal.

On Thursday, the facility at 300 Banning Street in the downtown vicinity finally held a grand opening that was several years in the making.

The sub-acute care center has attended to a limited number of patients for months as the final certification processes neared conclusion, and can now move steadily to filling the 80 private rooms and 123 full-time positions anticipated as demand grows.

Gov. John Carney, fourth from left, helped cut the ribbon for the official opening of the Eden Hill Rehabilitation Center west of Dover.

Adrienne Indellini began as the facility’s executive director on Nov. 1 as the construction phase neared completion.

“Our building is going to be the new expectation on how skilled care nursing should be,” she said.

Years earlier, Genesis Healthcare protested the project and the case wound up in the Delaware Supreme Court in 2015 before being settled in Eden Hill’s favor.

The Supreme Court supported Eden Hill’s earlier certification by the Delaware Health Resources Board made in Superior Court.

Describing this week’s grand opening as a long awaited “celebration,” Center Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Sean M. Mace added “I didn’t realize how many obstacles, roadblocks and hurdles would come up, but patience won out.”

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– Nurses station on the second floor of the three-story facility at Eden Hill (Special to the Delaware State News/Gary Emeigh)

The center bills its specialty as treating patients that “require oxygen, frequent monitoring, have feeding tubes, have limited mobility or have large wounds,” and listed conditions cared for as, among others:

• Congestive heart failure

• Diabetes Mellitus

• Total knee, hip or shoulder arthroplasty

• Recovery from stroke

• Recovery from heart attack

• Infection requiring intravenous antibiotics

• Recovery from abdominal surgery

• Complex wounds

• Pneumonia

• Cellulitis

• Complex wounds

• Paraplegia

• Multiple sclerosis

• Geriatric decline

• Parkinson’s disease

• Wound care

“The No. 1 thing is the community need,” Mr. Mace said “This is a model unlike any in the mid-Atlantic region and it’s so refreshing to finally see it come about.”

Anne Sebastian, of Dover, spent 14 days at the center while recovering from infections, sepsis and bloodstream-related issues that involved a steady regimen of antibiotics before release home.

“They treated me very nicely,” Ms. Sebastian said. “I would say the private rooms were perfect. They kept everything clean and sanitary, the aides were super and the food was very good too.”

Ms. Sebastian didn’t originally anticipate needing to stay at the center, and is now grateful for being admitted.

“I didn’t realize how weak I was when I left the hospital,” Ms. Sebastian said. “After I left I realized how much help I still needed before I could go home.”

During a post-knee surgery stay, Bruce Gehry used Medicare benefits as one of the first patients.

“The people I met with were of excellent quality and they provided excellent services,” Mr. Gehry said. “The nurses were great and they knew their stuff.

“I felt like I was among friends.”

Also, Mr. Gehry said, “At Eden Hill I got personalized service and that to me is very important …

“I would put it on top of my list as triple gold star. The food is excellent and the chef is unbelievable.”

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