Groups remind students about role in pandemic

DOVER — The Delaware Healthcare Association, the Delaware State Education Association and the Delaware School Boards Association are reminding students they have a part to play in stopping the spread of COVID-19.
Posters are being distributed to elementary and middle schools throughout the state to help encourage students to take basic steps to combat coronavirus.
“Delaware’s health care providers have done heroic work battling COVID-19 this year,” said Wayne Smith, president and CEO of the Delaware Healthcare Association. “Students can also be health care superheroes by doing their part to defeat the nasty COVID-19 bug.”
The poster, a comic book-style illustration, encourages students to “be a hero and mask up,” depicting superheroes who “evade” the virus by keeping 6 feet away from each other, “destroy” the virus by washing their hands” and “defend” against the virus by wearing a mask.
The poster design was created by the Missouri State Hospital Association, which gave the Delaware Healthcare Association permission to use the image.
“Our educators are ready to join forces with their super students to mask up and fight against the spread of COVID-19,” said Delaware State Education Association President Stephanie Ingram. “We know that together, our students and staff can help keep their communities safe by masking up, frequently washing our hands and keeping a safe distance from others.”