NCC, ChristianaCare partner for Behavioral Health Unit

WILMINGTON — New Castle County has selected ChristianaCare to partner in its newly expanded Behavioral Health Unit that provides mental health and substance use disorder outreach to the community.
Supported by more than $2 million in federal and state grant funding that was announced by New Castle County Police in October 2019, the collaboration will enable ChristianaCare’s Community Health team to hire six caregivers to work alongside police officers in the Behavioral Health Unit: a mental health professional, two case managers, a licensed clinician, a registered nurse and a child victim advocate. ChristianaCare’s staff members will begin working with the Behavioral Health Unit in the fall.
“The COVID-19 pandemic and recent protests across the nation have highlighted the urgent need to think differently about how we address the behavioral health needs of the communities we serve, and this partnership with New Castle County Police is an example of how we are innovating to meet those needs,” said Erin Booker, vice president of community health and engagement at ChristianaCare.
“Together, we will be able to provide case management, mental health support and substance-use disorder connection to care. We’ll be at 911 calls for mental health crisis. This opportunity is one we’ve never had before in our state, and I’m so grateful for the leadership of New Castle County to really look beyond normal policing and say, ‘How can we be more for our community?’”