State launches new health data portal

DOVER — The Division of Public Health announced the launch of a health-focused data portal Monday. The tool, My Healthy Community data portal, is aimed at allowing Delawareans assess the overall health of their communities.

“Our health and the environment in which we live are inherently connected,” Department of Health and Social Services Secretary Kara Odom Walker said in a statement.

“The portal will allow communities, governments and stakeholders to better understand the issues that impact our health, determine priorities and track progress.

Kara Odom Walker

“Communities can use the data to initiate community-based approaches, support and facilitate discussions that describe and define population health priorities, and educate residents about their community’s health and the environment in which they live.”

Users can drill down into categories like chronic disease and substance abuse using data on air quality, asthma incidence, drinking water and drug overdoses.

Over the next several months, the portal is expected to add more categories and data indicators, including community safety, maternal and child health, healthy lifestyles, health services utilization, infectious diseases, education, socioeconomic influencers, lead poisoning, suicide and homicide, and populations vulnerable to climate change.

Residents can search health indicators by street address, ZIP code, census tract, neighborhood, municipality, county and state. In addition, they can compare their community’s health measures with other Delaware communities and counties, as well as the state as a whole. Data trends over time are also available.

“This is another example of how we are making data more transparent, accessible, and easy to understand,” Gov. John Carney said in a statement. “Sharing community-level statistics and data allows Delawareans to understand what is occurring in their neighborhoods, make informed decisions about their health, and take steps to continue improving our quality of life.”

My Healthy Community is a product of several DPH programs, the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, the Division of Substance Use and Mental Health and the Delaware Health Care Commission.

The data portal can be viewed at Comments can be submitted via an online feedback form.

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