Warning issued after two die using same stamp heroin packets

NEW CASTLE — Two people who died in Delaware from suspected overdoses last Thursday and Friday over a 24-hour period involved heroin packets with the same stamp, according to the Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS).

Secretary Dr. Kara Odom Walker is warning people in active substance use in Delaware that DHSS is not identifying the stamp so people will not seek out the drug.

“If you are in active use, we urge you to seek treatment immediately,” Secretary Walker said. “Call DHSS’ 24/7 Crisis Hotline or seek help at the nearest police department, hospital or medical provider.

By calling DHSS’ 24/7 Crisis Services Hotline, individuals in active use or their loved ones will be connected to trained crisis professionals who can discuss treatment options.

In Kent and Sussex counties, the number is 1-800-345-6785. In New Castle County, the number is 1-800-652-2929. Individuals and families also can visit DHSS’ website, www.HelpIsHereDE.com, to find addiction treatment and recovery services in Delaware or nearby states.

Of the 106 total deaths for 2018, 71 have been in New Castle County, 22 in Sussex County and 13 in Kent County, The youngest person who died was 19; the oldest 74.

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