Yoga Babes donate funds to Westminster Village Care Unit

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95-year-old yoga teacher Mabes Morrill, far left and her students “Mabe’s Yoga Babes” donated $3,000 to Westminster Village for new therapy equipment Friday morning. (Delaware State News/Dave Chambers )

DOVER — In a gesture of thanks, Mabes’ Yoga Babes donated a check for $3,000 to Westminster Village’s new Transitional Care Unit Friday.

The 35-member group that practices yoga at Westminster thrice weekly has used space at the community center free of charge for six years, even though the majority of the class’s yogis aren’t residents.

The Yoga Babes, who earned their name from the group’s 94-year old instructor Mabes Morrill, raised the funds themselves through personal donations.

“Mabes is a resident of ours and we are blessed that she calls here home,” said Westminster executive director Mary Ann Poling. “And that the group would choose to give back means a lot because they already give us so much.”

The Transitional Care Unit is set to be totally up and running by June although it is in partial use as finishing touches are made. The unit will be the only one of its kind in the area.

“The TCU will be an option for those who are well enough to leave the hospital but still need time to recover before returning home,” Ms. Poling said. “The TCU will give individuals a chance to recover close to home because there are no other services like this in Central Delaware.”

The unit’s patients won’t only be enjoying the comfort of state of the art, modern bedrooms and bathrooms, they also will attend therapy in a rehabilitation space that is 78 percent larger than Westminster’s previous rehab area with staff consisting of physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapists.

Ms. Poling said before someone is admitted to the units, goals will be set to ensure they are strong enough to return home and live independently. That’s why there isn’t just brand new exercise equipment in the rehab area, but also a functioning kitchen and bathroom.

“I’ve been living here since 2006 and started teaching yoga classes a few years later and I’ve always appreciated [Westminster’s] generosity for giving us space for class. Teaching here is one of my great joys so it’s nice to give back,” Ms. Merrill said.

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