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Delaware’s family farms generate $1.2 billion in sales, Gov. Markell said Monday. (Delaware State News file photo)

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The helicopters over Fifer Orchards raised the ground temperature by 3 degrees by taking advantage of a rare temperature inversion — a warm layer of air above the cold air closest to the ground. The helicopter propellers push down the warm air, lessening the extent of frost damage. (Submitted Photo/Bobby Fifer)

12dsn peach frost

Last week, Fifer Orchards deployed two helicopters over its 100 acres of peach trees to prevent frost damage. (Submitted Photo/Bobby Fifer)

Ford Tractor

A 1953 Ford tractor is one of the items up for bids at Saturday’s Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village auction. (Submitted photo)

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The goal of the Delaware Farmland Preservation Program is to keep working farms intact instead of having the land developed as commercial or housing lots. (Delaware State News file photo/Andrew West)

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According to the Delmarva Poultry Industry, 569 million chickens were raised on the Delmarva Peninsula in 2014. The University of Delaware Cooperative Extension reported “poultry and related industries contributed $3.2 billion to the Delaware economy” in 2011. (Submitted/Delmarva Poultry Industry Inc.)

Ag Day

Saturday’s Ag Day will feature free-flight bird shows and other family-friendly activities. (Submitted College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Delaware)