MilCon waller

Earl Waller, of the Air Force Civil Engineer Center and on-site representative for the runway construction project, reviewed the changes taking place with those attending the tour offered after the MilCon Breakfast. (Delaware State News/K.I. White)

MilCon runway

The runway renovation ran into unexpected problems, but still is expected to be finished by the end of 2015. (Delaware State News/K.I. White)

MilCon presentation

During the presentation, Col. Michael W. Grismer Jr. said he’s looking to the “folks at the pointy end of the spear” for new ideas and innovation. (Delaware State News/K.I. White)

MilCon Markell

Gov. Jack Markell praised the “great relationship” between Dover Air Force Base and the community. (Delaware State News/K.I. White)

MilCon intersection

The new runway intersection will address the past problem of standing water. (Delaware State News/K.I. White)

MilCon hurley

An honorary commander through the Chamber, David Hurley of Dover, has watched the base expand over the years and as a youth helped his father do contract work at the base. He has attended the MilCon Breakfast and tour for several years. (Delaware State News/K.I. White)

MilCon Grismer

Col. Michael W. Grismer Jr., commander of the 436 Airlift Wing, outlined the progress of ongoing and future projects at Monday’s annual MilCon Breakfast, sponsored by the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce. (Delaware State News/K.I. White)

MilCon dining

The renovated dining area will offer more food options. (Delaware State News/K.I. White)

MilCon dining wygant

Maj. Jake Wygant said the new Patterson Dining Center on base will offer restaurant-quality food in a more comfortable setting. (Delaware State News/K.I. White)

MilCon Coons

Referring to the dignified transfer of fallen service men and women, Sen. Chris Croons, D-Del., said Dover Air Force Base has an important and solemn role, unlike other installations. (Delaware State News/K.I. White)